How can you make cleaning and tidying up a real habit?

Frank Z.
The best way to make cleaning or tidying up a habit is to find a system of organization that works for you. Cleaning becomes easier when everything has a specific place to be put away in. Cleaning also gets harder the more you procrastinate, so just understanding that reality might just help stop the procrastination. Tidying up is a habit that anyone can master, once the house is tidy you feel better, you think clearer and you become more productive. It truly is a reflection of your mental state; if your place is in disarray, your mind can easily become cluttered.

If you see a large mountain in front of you when it come to cleaning, thats okay (and normal)… break it up into small steps; ie: vacuum every Wednesday, laundry twice a week, etc.

At the end of the day you’ll feel great about your progression. It gets easier. Start with 10 minutes a day and you’ll find that sometimes you’ll get carried away and continue for 30 minutes or an hour. The important thing to do is start. That will create a real habit.

Brian Z.
Every morning I’ll tackle a part of my room and time it. I’ll work on my room everyday for 5-10 minutes and make sure to put away things in their intended areas.
Pepe Z.
Don’t over complicate the task. At the end of the day think about how you want to wake up in the morning. For me it is either a decluttered living room and/or a clean kitchen.

Make it easy—start soaking the dishes before you get the kids ready for bed so that after all you have to do is wipe down counters and load the dishwasher.

When you aren’t feeling it, do just one small thing. Organize the shoes, put the pillows back on the couch, pick clothes up off the bathroom floor.

Hil Ria Q.
I clean and tidy up before I go to bed. I set a time that I want to be in bed and take 30 to 45 min to tidy up, groom myself, brush my teeth and get ready for bed. At the time that I’m Finished tidying up I am more relaxed. It helps me to clear my head and start the next day all Nice and neat
Nikolas Z.
Try working in the very messy room with a lot of randomly placed objects. Then completely clean the room, let some fresh air in and see how much easier it is to focus and maintain that focus.
Liva C.
Nothing special required. All you need to do is to think about how tidying up will boost your productivity. Also i like when my room is clean. It makes me feel really motivated to do my tasks and work. Aren’t you feel the same?
Kasper Y.
I make it part of a routine. When I make a meal I clean as I go, my first step is to fill the sink with soapy water. I also make sure I have cleaned everything before I sit down to eat, then when its done I just wash my plate and everything is clean. I make my bed as I get out of it, clean the shower while showering. Soon it becomes second nature to clean during an activity.
Kaitlin O.
By knowing that everyday you make a mess. Don’t expect for everything to be clean all the time. It’s good to keep things organized but don’t blame yourself or feel bad when you’re not. Everyday we do things that cause untidiness.
Ma Ly Q.
I keep in mind that after cleaning, it gives me a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. A feeling that way makes me happier, compared to when I don’t, and I feel guilty for not cleaning when I know there’s a mess and it looks and feels bad.
Charlie E.
Just think of how untidy it’s is going to Ben of you don’t clean it the moment you see it. Imagine of how much dirt is going to pile up at the same place and how your environment will be so dirty
Toni F.
Everyday after dropping my daughter off at school I come home make myself breakfast and then clean the dishes and the rest of the house. Some days I don’t do that but I need to do this everyday or the house will become a disaster
Jamie O.
I plan to prioritize cleaning and tidying to do immediately after I put my daughter to bed. I typically just go relax after I put her down, but it’s harder to motivate myself to get up once I’ve sat down. If I can just make cleaning the end of her bedtime routine (which has to happen every night) I know I can make the change!
Wieslaw X.
A friend once said to me, a clean house is a house that stays clean. Meaning, as you go about your day and create little messes, pick up after yourself frequently and get all other members of the household on board. This should keep daily clutter and mess from building up. So that you don’t go crazy, tie a quick pick up to daily moments – like after mealtimes, or before relaxing for the evening. Schedule set days of the week to do more in depth cleaning/ vacuuming & dusting so that it’s a daily activity but doesn’t overwhelm. If you have kids, it’s great to include them on age appropriate ways in order to teach children that cleaning up is a part of life
C Lestin Y.
I think that it starts with feeling calm, then you can look around and put things away as you go, rather than letting everything get in a mess and then dreading cleaning up. And if you do it everyday it gets much easier and less daunting
Clara B.
Just put in 10 minutes a day while contemplating your day and your life. Makes a big difference. I am sure you can do with 10 minutes less on sosial media pr day
Flora P.
I really wasn’t sure I was going to be able to make this one stick. I’m not a cleaner, even though I love having a clean home. What worked for me was picking tiny projects. I mean, teeny tiny. Unload the dishwasher one night. Reload it the next. Wipe down the refrigerator shelves, sweep the hard floors, vacuum the carpet, clean the toilet, etc., all separate tasks and separate days. And my home has never been cleaner.
Abdullah O.
Do a little everyday ; that sense of satisfaction keeps you going even if it’s something small. Sometimes small steps lead to big changes.
Ruperto A.
When people help you it go faster and when you see thing on the floor pick up not step on it make you bed everyday eat healthy bush your teeth two
Marcus G.
Sometimes it is hard to clean specially when you are already tired. But playing music while doing things make you more inspired to continue what you just started. Make it a habit to play good music everyday to push and inspire you more
Liva N.
By making the effort to do it daily . Also be recognising hoe much clearer my head feels when I’m in a tidy environment.
Also when I room is clean it feels good. I also want to set a good example for my children & grandchildren
Lillian P.
I just clean as I do things. If I’m going to another room then I will grab something I can return. If I pass by a towel I will pick it up on my way back. If I’m in the kitchen I try to put everything dirty in the sink. Next time I will clean off the cabinets. Next time I will load dishwasher and wash the things not going inside. Next time I sweep all of the floors downstairs. It sounds like a lot but it’s the easiest way I know how to keep moving and not sit too long and keep the house clean at the same time.
Samantha G.
It is like a routine! I started to create an habit as I brushing my teeth or any other daily routine. I started with tidy 10 min routine and now, i'm enjoying to see my home cleened and tidied and organized!
Roberto Y.
I always really struggled with keeping my things and space tidy. What helped was having a reminder every day and start with micro actions – just 5 or 10 minutes of cleaning up every day. I’d put on two or four of my very favourite songs and spend the time when they were playing by cleaning up. This micro action turned into a habit – and it feels like I don’t have to clean up at all nowadays since everything is tidy all the time thanks to these 10 minutes of getting my space into order every afternoon/evening!
Suzy P.
If you want to make cleaning an everyday thing then DO IT EVERYDAY. Here are some tips 😋
– every time you see something dirty or out of place clean it or fix it (dishes, crumbs, trash)
– start cleaning right after breakfast if you can
– and lastly there is no such thing as waiting to get in the mood. Try to make yourself get in the mood to clean by beginning.
That’s all for now, but remember this is the stuff that works for me, for you it might be different. 🙂
Oswald Z.
I make it fun by putting some music on, setting a timer and go! Sometimes I do 15 more other times an hour. It doesn’t seem like such a chore, because I know it will be over soon!! I dust one day, vacuum another, bathrooms one day, floors another, bedroom is always on the weekend while laundry is going.
P Rsio O.
I think you just need to do it to change your mind set about it. For a while it helped me that I choose to do anything taking less than a minute to do. And to have a ritual at night before going to bed, where I cleaned up from the day that passed, to be ready to begin a new day in the right way. I really need to think that way and do that stuff again…
Amanda A.
Clean up a little bit throughout the day before starting deep work sessions. So if i had 3 deep work sessions per day, I would schedule 10 minutes of cleaning time before them so i can have a fresh environment before starting work
Philip W.
Build this habit in your everyday routines. Make it so you can't do something you always do till you clean up after a meal.
Harvey P.
Set a time everyday where you spend 5-10 minutes tidying up. Start small like vacuuming or picking up your clothes, then after that some people will be surprised that once they accomplish something small, they move on to something bigger and before you know it you’ve spent way more than 10 minutes tidying up. But start small, you don’t have to clean your whole house, but just little things that make your living space a bit more comfortable and less stressful to live in. And soon it will be routine to do the dishes at a set time, or do your laundry and you won’t have to drag yourself up to do it. It feels good when your environment is clean and neat, so that could be motivation to accomplish it.
Clifford E.
Try to maintain cleanliness rather than starting over all the time. Try to stick to simple things such as making bed, cleaning the sink after brushing teeth, put things into place and make a habit out of it. It is a step by step process. Best wishes and good luck!
Helenice Y.
Making cleaning and tidying a habit is easy. Personally what I do is simple. Everything that I use I usually return it to its place right after I am finished, also, when I make a mess I try to clean it up right away every time so that the messes don’t pile up on me making my surroundings filthy and cluttered. Therefore practicing these actions regularly can turn them into healthy habits
Aldo P.
Tidy ur desk and dinner table at the end of everyday and get ur bag ready for the next day, u’ll feel more productive which will help u do more tidying and it will become a habit and will almost help u ‘clear’ ur mind as well
Alcides Q.
Before I found this app I was very very lazy.. now I see that if I clean up a little bit by the next morning I am going to have extra time to read or just me time!
Don S.
Start small. I set a goal of tidying up just for 5-10 minutes every weekday when I get home from work. I also never leave a room empty-handed – there’s always a dish to carry to the sink, an article of clothing to hang up, a book to shelve…your home won’t be instantly clean, but if you take small steps over time you’ll continue to make progress!
Thea G.
Make it fun , put your fave music on , set timer for 20 mins work on one area at a time . Then stop for 10Repeat as needed.
Jesse S.
Focus on one area per day! And make sure to put things (car keys, etc) in their designated places. Leaving them unattended causes clutter!
Johan Z.
Each things has its place. Keep same things together and not spread around house. Put items back and in their place as soon as you return home. Keeps it tidy and clear for cleaning.
N Sio C.
You can make cleaning and tidying up a habit by setting an alarm for a time every day saying clean up and tidy up. This will help you remember to clean and tidy up every day.
Cireneu N.
I make sure that it’s one my daily habits that I track on the app and it’s something I do to help make me sleepy. It’s one of the last things I do for the day.
No Lie I.
If it takes two minutes or less do it and then do another thing that takes a short amount of time and just work up to doing other stuff
Abby Z.
I have always Struggled to create good long-lasting consistent habit. I have however, been able to create some habits that I’ve consistently stuck with over the last week with the use of the fabulous app. I look forward to reading the letter I look forward to clicking on the button knowing that I’ve completed a habit and after a few days I found that it became something I look forward to and was ingrained in my mind to do so. One week on i am drinking water morning and night, eating a clean healthy breakfast, walking daily and switching off at nights. My stress levels have highly decreased and am starting to build great habits to get through my fast paced life. Fabulous is the only tool that has made me stick to these habits and I am grateful!!!
Irene Q.
It’s simple but not easy. Just pick up a little at a time, even if you have had a long day or don’t really want to. As long as you don’t let clutter build up, it becomes less burdensome.
Allen F.
You can do this by cleaning every single day. Have a checklist and promise yourself to complete it. Clean your room and make your bed in the mornings. During the middle of the day try setting some time apart from your schedule to tidy up the house. You can be more motivated by playing some of your favorite music while you clean. Every night after you shower/ change into your pajamas, look around your room and clean anything that is untidy or unorganized. That way your bedroom will be all tidy when you wake up, all you would have to do is make your bed. I hope this helped!
Walentina S.
This isn’t very helpful, sorry, but I get stressed if my space isn’t clean, and then I get pimples. So for me, whenever I get a really bad pimple I clean my whole room. Also, afternoon I shower each morning I make my bed and just tidy up any books, clothes, or stuff crowding my room. Just set a specific time each day and use that to clean and/or tidy.
Erica E.
I usually tidy up while I make breakfast. While something is cooking I take that time to clean the kitchen which, let’s face it, is the dirtiest room in the house. So integrate tidying with habits that take little longer.
Louis U.
Start small. Pick a task you can do every day. Mine is picking up clothes on the bathroom floor and putting away shoes. Then add one by one more tasks ones you’ve started mastering the one.
Elias X.
I think the real understanding comes from realizing that delaying the clean up will only multiply it by the end of the day.Just do it!! 😊
Amalie G.
Start small and don’t think too far into the future. Just say, I will tidy for (blank) minutes today at 8:50 pm (or whenever works best for you). Do that and then repeat the next day. Before you realize it you’re set to tidy without so much thought/effort.
Lester W.
I would say, as long as you look at your daily outline and balance your relaxing time with quick “pickup whatever room is in real fast” times (and honestly, only spend 5-10!) then you can pretty easily keep up with yourself.

Try to group things up, organize little areas along the day, and think of better ways to display them. Usually as you sort through, you find garbage you can get rid of!

Finally, and MOST importantly, always replenish your energy spent on cleaning with some good ol’ vitamin Ch.

you know it.


Clara C.
I think one way to do this is to make my bed every day. When I do this I naturally seem to take it to the next level and fold and put away any clothes left out that are clean and get clothes going into the laundry basket. I also try to take advantage of time; for example, I keep a cleaning sponge next to the bathtub. I love to take baths but I clean the “soap line” right away so the bathtub stays sparkly clean and no one will ever see a dirty tub. I use my wet towel to wash the floor right away to keep the floor clean. I keep an attractive ceramic container filled with baking soda on the floor next to the sink and I clean the sink and then clean my hands to keep the sink sparkling for the next person. Just pick one thing to quickly clean or dust every time you use the bathroom and it will stay clean all the time. This can apply to each room. It is good exercise, too, because you will be moving and bending more.
Kenzi U.
I think that by making it into a weekly activity or something to do early in the morning on certain days of the week. I used to think small things everyday was the way, but that means thy everyday it’s something that you have to do, even if you are not wanting to make the time for it. I think that maintaining cleanliness daily is important, but a deeper wash down once a week is the key
Larry J.
Recognise all the clearing up that you do already do, however small, then reward yourself for doing it.
When you wash up, extend that to giving the kitchen a clean or tidy up, or whilst you have a bowl of hot soapy water you could give the fridge or cooker a clean.
Try adding an extra job to the ones you already do, look at the time these jobs take you and commit to adding another 5/10/15 minutes of clearing up.
Selma W.
This is a good question. It seems some habits, like brushing your teeth, or actually easy to maintain. It’s not like you’re going to go out in the morning without brushing your teeth. Tidying up your surroundings is a little more complicated because it’s so easy to leave a room or close the door. I have been trying to make sure that I make my bed every morning. I am trying to do that in a particular order shower, do my hair, Get dressed, make the bed and then leave the room. It seems to make sense in that order. Then I start my day and when I next go to my bedroom it’s fresh and ready. The bigger challenge I have is straightening up my workspace and my kitchen. I’m trying to incorporate them in some sort of order like I have my bed. So yes I think you can make tidying up things I have it you just have to find a natural way to do it that feels like it’s in the right order.
Levi F.
Read books by Marie Kondo and Clean Mama. They have social media, and Marie Kondo has a show.

Maybe you need a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly routine.

Take before and after photos.

Clean bathrooms, vacuum or sweet, and unclutter/wipe counters before guests visit.

Invite guests to motivate you or to help you.

Bag things up and go through them one at a time.

Don’t give away to friends — donate.

Be gentle on yourself.

Hanna Z.
I don’t think there is any brief answer for this question. Ultimately, it depends on many factors. I have put into my fabulous routine, for instance, to take 5 minutes to put away dry dishes while my coffee or breakfast are heating up. It’s small but it’s a habit. In my case, I have a spouse and we both have to make cleaning traditions known so that we can be on the same page. He can rely, then, on starting his day with no dishes in the drainer and the kitchen countertops cleared enough to have space for making his own breakfast and lunches for later in the the day.
I have to admit, I’m a bit more ambitious than that, though. A few years ago I asked my husband how we could make sure that some chores were done at least weekly without having to remind the other. We came up with a system together.
Monday-Mop the kitchen and bathroom
Tuesday-Tidy the living room for company
Wednesday-Water all plants
Thursday-Toilet cleaning
Friday-Fridge cleaning
Saturday-(Bed-)Sheet change
Every time either of us complete this chore we get to claim it on the family calendar and give ourselves a colored star sticker. That way we have a record of if it was done that week and who accomplished it (for bragging rights!) You might notice there is a handy mnemonic device in that each chore begins with the same letter of that day of the week, so as long as you know it’s Friday, you know to use the daily 15 minutes of chore time that day to clean out the wilted cucumbers and old leftovers you have been ignoring in the fridge. That way chores don’t take over your life but can be included as a habit, say, after you bring your dishes from breakfast into the sink or perhaps right before dinner. It’s important that your roommates, including kids, don’t sabotage your efforts and join the household care to keep everyone healthy and your home happy. If they don’t agree to this idea, maybe you can brainstorm one together that WILL work for all of you.
I hope this helped!
Riza R.
You should love your house and pay attention to the environment of the house, then you will see how cleaning will give you a lovely sense 😍
Arron J.
Just clean and tidy up in your bedroom for three days in a row, then it becomes a real habit. You’ll feel real good about yourself and what you have accomplished.
Felix G.
Start by making your bed as soon as you get up every day. Simply making your bed will get you wanting to then clean up your shoes off the floor, or put clothes away. At least for me, when nothing lays on my floor, it’s easier to see that there’s some dust and dirt. Then I grab the broom and sweep up the floor. It’s a domino effect. Start with something small and you will want to continue tidying up without realizing. Having a reminder set on your phone (through this Fabulous app, for example) is a great way to remind you. Doing it first thing in the morning will surprisingly increase your productivity for the day and get you feeling good. You deserve a clean living environment!
Al Sia F.
Personally, I set a goal for myself. Like, yesterday my goal was to clean up my resting area. Once I finish that goal, but the time isn’t up, I start on the next day’s goals. For instance, after cleaning up my rest area, I started cleaning my dresser. It’s all about completing tiny goals you set for yourself.
Harry Z.
Cleaning is not my best practice. Even if I think that mess is one of the first source of discomfort for me. I have noticed that I tend to procrastinate, so now I try to clean up as soon as I have finished my tasks both at work and at home. For the previous mess, I approach it in sections… cleaning one part at a time… and throwing away what I do not need.
Roy J.
Do it at the same time every day and it will help you keep the habit! Making sure you clean up regularly will make the time you spend cleaning up less and making it easier so you don’t have to clean up huge piles of clothes! Good luck!
Nicole C.
Just putting your clothes in a hamper and making ur bed is the best way to start. Then gradually going bigger like sweeping and all that stuff is the key. So my advice is to do the simplest thing and it'll do you a favor in the future.
Pelaio E.
Yes. It is possible but don’t try to make deep cleaning the only cleaning you do. Create a schedule of things you clean in each day. Only clean those things. But when you need to deep clean on that day clean that whole space and you will only have tidy up afterwards.
Tracey J.
Keeping my life clean and well organized will not only make me less stressed but it will make me more focused and happy
Norberto Z.
I find myself enjoying music the is positive and uplifting the best to help motivate me to clean up the house. Sometimes I will add a genre of dance pop if I am in the mood.
Arthur O.
By cleaning a for short amounts of time during certain points of the day such as before bed and after meals. Then making other cleaning fun by putting on some music and dancing
Aubin S.
I think by starting small you can get into the habit of tidying. Maybe it is just always making sure the kitchen counter is clear and once that becomes a defacto thing then you pick something else.
Alison E.
doing it… not putting it off because “i’m too busy”.

setting mini goals for myself would probably help too instead of it being so broad. eg. “put away basket of clothes”, “clean desk”, “do laundry”

Katrine Z.
I think finding the time that works for you whether that be in the morning or evening. For me, I like to get everything tidied and cleaned in the morning so that I feel accomplished for the day ahead and have a clean space to work and relax in. Other people might be better off doing it in the evening. Find what works for you and stick to it. Once you’ve repeated the action enough times it will become second nature
Cl Udia P.
Put headphones on and listen to music or a podcast you like, or listen to something on Youtube if you have a premium account.
Julia O.
I believe these types of habits occur and are adopted slowly with patience and lack of self-blame. Clean and tidy up one or a few small things at a time, maybe over the course of a few days, increasing a little each time. And soon you will notice how much you enjoy cleaning and tidying up. It will feel less like a chore and more like a hobby. If it ever feels too much like a chore, just don’t do it. Then see if you feel like you miss doing it. You probably will. Patience truly is a virtue and every little bit counts. Let go of the self-blame and soon you will see your own world becoming a cleaner and tidier place. Enjoy! (And don’t be too hard on yourself.) And remember, I’m just like you. I struggle with it as well. Just from one friend to another.
Benjamin E.
Cleaning the most important thing in this wold thats why like or not everyone should do this and also this is the best way feel fresh it’s like therapy❣️
Ilza Q.
Two simple steps get me moving in the right direction.
First, I make my bed every morning practically before I’m out of it! It makes me happy to not see that rumpled mess for the rest of the day.
Second, I change out of work clothes as soon as I get home. I hang up or put away everything that’s not ready to launder. Then I put on something comfy or practical for chores.
End result, when I walk into my bedroom at night, it is a neat and relaxing sanctuary.
As a daily rule, I try to put things where they belong instead of setting them down somewhere “just for now.”
August N.
Make it into a game. Set the timer for 15 minutes and do your dishes. Starting with a clean sink always helps me. Then move onto laundry. Follow this pattern with 15 minute intervals as time allows and you will begin to see progress. I find that only working on each task/room for 15 minutes makes it more manageable and also causes you to work faster to see how much you can get done in those 15 minutes. Now go get started in your sink!
Mikkel P.
I have been trying to pick daily projects that really need my attention. Even if I can’t finish the task in 10 minutes, I feel like I’m at least giving it attention and realize that there is a need. I’m also trying to write in my morning daily journal what tidy up task I want to do that day.
Howard Z.
Ok So first, you should take a moment every day and look around just relax and look around, think about all the things that you would love to do with your house and your life and then put into a picture and then try your best to make that room the most organized room in your house! Start doing this every day maybe put so first, you should take a moment every day and look around just relax and look around, think about all the things that you would love to do with your house and your life and then put into a picture and then try your best to make that room the most organized room in your house! Start doing this every day maybe put A reminder or on a calendar or something to help you do this make sure you relax and not tense or stressed or tired because you will not want to do it ! If this helps you please get back to me If you can! Sincerely, your new friend!
Herbert W.
Plan it in advance, ideally chose always the same days and times, and when doing the activity listen to something you like, like a podcast, audiobook, music…
Ryszard E.
Make time for yourself to do it, give yourself a 10-20 minute time slot to quick go around and tidy what you can, also small things for example, if you are going downstairs take the cups with you, simple steps
Felix C.
Picking up after yourself everywhere you go and after each project seems to be the most functional for me. Leave the place exactly how you found it right then. I do weekly deep cleaning. That is separate.
Kathryn P.
Well, I've been cleaning my room every night since that was already something I wanted to do and having it as a habit is nice! one more thing to check off and feel good about. Make it a real habit by having a hype playlist and making it fun and easy. make your room a nice space that you want to keep clean. when you see trash anywhere, just pick it up. if dishes need to be brought downstairs, say "well i was going down anyway" and take them. make it easy
Silas C.
Well, it’s a really great habit to have, but for any habit, it’s hard to continue to do it if you don’t want to, or don’t care to. I would start by noticing the messes, and when you see them, just clean them up. If you start cleaning up as soon as you see or make a mess, you will get used it, and continue to do it. If you don’t clean them up right away, you will get used to seeing messes, and not care to clean them up. It might also help to take an extra 10-20 minutes out of your day just to clean. If you do this daily then you should be able to keep up with the messes pretty well. You could also do little 60 second cleanups after a while. Like all habits, work for it, and DO NOT PROCRASTINATE!!
Joann W.
you know you feel better when everything is put together. it all feels right, & you love that feeling. don’t let laziness consume you. keep it clean :’)
Louise W.
When you think something should or needs to be done, just do it at that moment. If you tell yourself “I’ll get that done later” or tell you’ll do it at a certain time later… you’re already setting the precedent for it not getting done. I am the Queen of procrastination and the only way I conquer this is to just do it right in the moment I think of it.
Alison E.
Absolutely yes. Small tasks would eventually become a good habit. Planning small worked better rather than getting overwhelmed with big projects.
Hartwig X.
Don’t set long cleaning goals. Set short ones. Tidy and clean a small area each time. I set aside 10 minutes three times a day. Enough time in ten minutes to empty and stack the dishwasher and wipe down the kitchen. Next block I might choose two bookshelves to tidy and dust.
Break rooms into smaller sections, and focus on doing a section at a time rather than a whole room.
I also do it before my mindfulness breaks. Ten minutes cleaning, then ten minutes for a cup of tea, or a meditation session. Then your breaks feel like rewards, and your cleaning sessions don’t feel like marathons.
Suzy C.
I think the major reason why I’ve been able to make cleaning/tidying up (and making my bed!) a steady habit is because it makes me feel good about me and the day. Even if I have a bad day and I’m overwhelmed, I can come home to/go to bed in a clean home and a made bed that I cultivated. It is powerful for my self-esteem. And cleaning is therapeutic. You can reflect on your thoughts and feelings and be conscious of your breathing while doing it. When you’re really tired, the thought of cleaning the sink out before bed seems like torture. But going to bed with the dishes done and things tidy allows you to go to bed with the weight off your shoulders and sleep better.
Leonora F.
Do it everyday in the mornings AND at night. If you do it that often, then cleaning up will always be easy. It’ll just be picking up a few things of the floor and making it neat. So if your house is initially really messy, get it out of the way and clean really hard. Then, never let it get that messy by cleaning lightly twice a day.
Luke P.
Well in all certainty, cleaning and tidying allows me to let me mind just flow and get busy. I have dealt with anxiety and OCD thoughts and I have realized that cleaning my room allows me to relax and just let my mind flow and be calm. So in my belief cleaning and tidying can be made a real habit when it brings a good sense of self care and love towards you.
Darko U.
Starting off with putting things away as i go. Allowing myself to do one task at a time and put everything away that needs to be away!