Yes I would like to ask a question. And I would like to know what others have done to get started on and stay on track of decluttering if you have a lot of belongings that you actually use but a small living space, not a lot of cupboard or closet space so dont have many options to put things places so it doesnt look cluttered

Elizabeth N.
We quickly adapt to convenience or inconvenience. Question why you have so many things, even if you use them. Can you do without it or simplify a routine? Many items marketed to women play on an insecurity (or create one!). If you’ve questioned an item, try putting it somewhere out of sight and seeing if you actually miss it. Maybe you miss it initially, but do you need it or just want it? You pay rent for the things you keep. Let go of the desire to get your money’s worth.
Jo N.
I get a whole bunch of small stackable containers and stuff! Storage containers are great for hiding these. Look up ‘storage box shelves’