How do you arrange your time to clean your house?

Erin O.
Honestly, I keep the “daily cleaning” at a minimum. So basically I try to keep it at one thing a day (vacuum OR fold clothes, not both lol). I find it’s easier that way so I don’t get overwhelmed. I also do it as soon as I come in so I don’t get too tired. Don’t know if that helps, but that’s me currently.
Kieran C.
I do it after work, around 4:00 pm. I pick two areas to clean each day: one area in the kitchen and one area somewhere else. I rotate through and aim to clean everything once a week. For example, one day i’ll clean out the refrigerator and dining room. The next day I might wash my sheets and clean the oven.
Susannah U.
I do little bits here and there. And don't sit down! If you sit down, you won't get up to clean anything else. If you keep doing bits here and there right through the evening, then the sit down at the end is the reward
Lillian J.
I will sometimes set a timer for 15 minutes to do a rapid round of discarding. When I'm ready to do a deeper dive to be more discerning about what I want to discard and then organize my things, I plan ahead and make sure that I have enough time and schedule the right time when I know I won't be tired to tackle it all.