How do you make it a habit to clean as you go along?

Nino S.
How I make it a habit to clean as I go along is to think about how it will benefit me. For example, if I make it a habit to clean one way it'll benefit me is by making it easier for me to find things.
Marv O Z.
I make sure to do it everyday even though it's just something small.if you clean your desk everyday some time in the future you will also be able to clean your entire room too.Start small then go big
Carl F.
honestly, I don't, but I'm working on it and it helps to remind myself that I really went want to take the extra time later to clean up the small mess I just made.
Kelly P.
Being mindful of my mess as I create it. I think about how proud I'll be to cleanly compete a task and how having a clean home makes me feel
Keith P.
If your environment is clean and tidy,your mind will be fresh and your productivity Will be boosted automatically.A healthy,clean surrounding is often a key component for better output in many aspects of life.with augmented demands of performing better than other, it's important to making cleaning a habit in life!