How do you keep your house nice and clean without feeling overwhelmed.

Deborah A.
I don’t. I was not taught how to do that but am slowly trying to change bad habits. I use tools like Fly Lady to work I’m cleaning fast and systematically clean areas for only about 15 minutes a day.

Abby P.
Keeping up the maintenance is the key. Once you recognize what makes the mess, you can figure out how often it would need to be tended to. Manage the maintenance with honor and care. Know it’s worth.. cleaner, neater space with peace of mind. It took me a while to get here so try to take it easy on yourself as u transition into the new habits you gain.

Jenn U.
I clean one section per room during the week and one chore (I.e. wash a pile of clothes) and one – two entire rooms per weekend. I also allow myself to not feel defeated if I don’t finish the entire weekend task and reward myself when I do. This way I stay motivated and don’t get overwhelmed.

Vlad C.
I clean any mess immediatly, even if I don't have much time
Sticking to this habbit was prety easy and it gave me a huge advantage for an efficient time management

Margot M.
Keeping a cleaning routine and/or schedule is vital when cleaning. I like to start with little things like or organizing the things in my backpack or laundry or making my bed. Overtime, make your way to the bigger things.

Sharon U.
I do "Just one thing extra" at change points. So before I go to work I might just start the laundry. When I get home I would only finish it. After supper I would vacuum the livingroom. Or if I'm going from one place to another I will see if an object either needs to be put away or taken to the other room. Linking it to the task change and committing to one small thing keeps it feeling manageable

David C.
Clean house makes me feel calm and relaxed,so cleaning is not problem for me, after cleaning i Light candle and enjoy beautiful smell

Vivienne G.
If my house is a mess I will 100% feel overwhelmed but a little trick I learned from a friend is that if the task takes five minutes or less just do it that way you won’t feel stressed about having to get back to school or work and by the end of the day your stress will be somewhat/ totally gone!

Wally Q.
I think cleaning as you go is natural to some people. For me it isn’t. I’ve really had to force myself to start taking ten minutes in the morning, night, and a few times throughout the day to clean. I always clean the kitchen right after i sue it and make my bed asap. I always wipe down the bathroom after i shower and do laundry on sundays.

Lucas Z.
Have a place for everything! No seriously, and when you use something put it back when you’re done. Have a certain time every day or every other day to clean up and do it in section by section.

Ross U.
Bathroom and Kitchen – Clean every day. Floors – Use cordless vacuum at least every other day. Use Swiffer Wet every other day for non-carpeted floors. Load of laundry every other day. Pick up surfaces each evening. For deeper cleaning, work your way along perimeter of house until you reach back where you started at least monthly, but preferably finish every other week.

Rosalva Q.
It feels so nice to have the main areas decluttered. It's calming. After taking the time to clean little by little, especially after I made a mess or clutter, it was a relief, and I didn't have to add it as a to-do later. And, I can think clearly about other cleaning tasks I have to complete now too. I can accomplish other projects because of this.

Denise A.
During the day, my working table gets filled up with papers and other stuff. So when I started using Fabulous and it offered me to clean my room in the evening I started to do so. Day after my first cleaning session, when I woke up, I was very pleased to see my stuff in order… So I think that I woul continue to do so, it is very easy to start a new day behind clear desk and without any distractions.

Caitlin R.
Simply put: I don’t. I do have a clean and organized home, but I didn’t I used to have one. I used to have huge piles of laundry and dirty dishes, clutter on the bed, couch and kitchen table, etc. It made living in my house feel inconvenient, crammed and overwhelming. Periodically I would clean the whole house and shove the clutter into the closet. This would last a few days until I would start cluttering again and the cycle would start over. Now I do two things differently: 1)I keep less stuff. 2) I have specific zones in my home that are clutter-free. For example, nothing lives on the bathroom counter, or out on the sides of the bathtub. It is really obvious what things need to be put away, and it makes cleaning and using the spaces convenient. I still have some cluttered areas that need attention, but I am not overwhelmed because the clutter doe not prevent me from doing everyday activities, self care, etc. This makes it a lot easier to be patient with my small child when he gets things out, because I know it won’t take long to pick up, and even if I don’t get to it, my other responsibilities won’t be inconvenienced.

Sylvia P.
Sempre faço as atividades em dias separados da semana, aos poucos, junto com mais duas meninas que moram comigo, a limpeza mais pesada deixo para fazer ao entardecer me sinto menos cansada e com mais disposição! Um pouco de cada vez, para chegar em um equilíbrio!

Kimia Y.
That’s the place I live perhaps cleaning it won’t make me feel tired, maybe my body gets a little tired but mentally feels so great♥️

Alyx U.
Giving yourself time for one big deep clean. I’m a huge fan of list so I make a big list and go room by room. After one big clean it’s easier to pick up after yourself every day. Also be forgiving of yourself when you fall back. It’s ok take a deep breathe and you will feel better when it’s done.

Christine G.
Clean as I go. If I'm in one room and heading to another, I'll do a quick check and see if anything needs to go in the room where I'm going.

I also try to do 5 little things a day if I'm feeling overwhelmed. It can be something like folding and putting away a load of laundry or even just hanging up 5 pieces of clothing. Taking a small bite out of the big picture helps me feel like I can tackle it no problem.

Marguerite Y.
I plan to do one or two cleaning tasks a day so I am not overwhelmed with all the cleaning I have to do. Spacing them out is the key 🔑

Greg E.
I clean my house all at once, then after that as soon as something's dirty I clean it right after I'm done with it. So I clean the entire kitchen, if a dish is dirty instead of piling it up I clean it as soon as I'm done I put it up. Goes with everything in the house, instead of letting it all build up I only clean things when there out of place or dirty. So I only have to clean about 2 or 3 things in the house in one day.

Rubi T.
I tend to designate a day where I do a full house clean like vacuum and mop everything, go around with wipes and clean the door handles, etc. and during the week, I take 10 minutes everyday to put things in order that have gotten unorganized. And if I use something, I try to put it back in its place.

Marius C.
In my opinion, it is rather more effective to clean and tidy up as you go after you make a mess rather than leave it all to become a pile and overwhelm you. Something I tend to do often. This usually happens qhen im unorganized and spend too much time on things I shouldnt and end up being late. For example: if I need to go out I tend to leave getting ready for last moment thinking it wont take me too long. However, things tend to pop up so I end up having minimal amount left to actually get ready resulting in usually a huge pile of clothes stacked on my bed which I usually just stuff in the wardrobe and a mess of cosmetics and make up on my dresser. And even when I come back I tend tk just throw them somewhere because im too tired to clean up in that moment. So, first of all you should give yourself enough time between tasks so you always have time to tidy up right after. In addition, strive to clear out your mess however small it might seem initially, as soon as youre done, before it transforms into a huge mess. For example: you have been studying and your books are all laid out on your desk with you cup of coffee, pens and highlighters. As soon as youre done, close your books stack them up so they seem tidy, put away any stationary and wash that cup. Its a process of about 3 minutes which you'll be thankful for later on.

Tina F.
I try to do at least one task a day. Do the dishes, out away the dishes, fold laundry,etc. If I try to do it all in one day I feel overwhelmed sometimes. If I have the energy then I will continue. I also plan out what days I plan to clean that part of my house.

Maia C.
I put myself in a state where cleaning days are music days! I put the stereo on maximum volume and dance and clean! Happy vibes only, so I associate cleaning with the feeling of excitement and the feeling, which I love, of having a clean space.

Armando W.
I do a little bit each day as I go about my day to day tasks. For example, after making lunch, I give the whole kitchen a wipe down, and after a shower, I will rinse the shower down. Each little bit prevents my home from getting overly dirty, and so when I do a big clean of the house, say at the weekend, the house is already fairly clean!

Gabor A.
I chunk it out into small sections and do it bit by bit throughout the day so I don’t have a load of cleaning to do at the end of the day when I’m tired and have no energy, beat to do it when you first wake up than before you go to bed

Joshua Q.
Clean it up as long as i can . Not push myself too hard. The maint task is to put the things to where it belong. It would clear my mind

Katy Y.
Baby steps. I first tidied my bedside table. Then the floor by my bed. Then went through my clothes. Then washed and changed the bedsheets… Each day do a little task and keep on top of it. My bedside table has now been clear for over a week and I love it!

Ola Des F.
it’s hard but every now and then i have a really big clear out and tidy up and clean and then after that i tidy my room every 2/3 weeks to keep it that way

Jonas W.
I don't keep my house nice and clean just my room. You see I'm just an 11 year old who is trying to become a better person by doing good habits in order to get rid of my bad habits sorry if I wasn't any help. Although through experience I've seen my mom and grandmother work there buts off. My suggestion is to stop once in a while take a sip of water and breath, calm yourself try and take a little walk in your garden enjoy the beauty of nature that's how I keep calm(although I'm a very short tempered person). If there are other people in the house who are free or willing to help you let them help you with the houses work. Sometimes I make a few quotes of my own they help me alot so here's one for you;I've always believed that every member of your family is like a pillar underneath a bridge if everyone doesn't put enough hard work your bridge (family)will fall apart well I've done my part in trying to help you I hope you will achieve the goals you aim for

Paola M.
I try to set everything in its place every time I use it. I focus on one room and go on clockwise to set for the best and declutter. When I finish I stop and look around and feel happy and grateful for my lovely house.

Traci P.
I clean certain parts of the house each day of the week. So, for example, on Sunday I clean the bathrooms and take out the trash. This way I only have a few things to clean each day and things are cleaned once a week.

Lillian Z.
If clutter feels overwhelming I close my eyes and grab something random and force myself to find a place for it and if the place it in the middle of the clutter then I keep holding it until I have room

Alfonso J.
I keep my house clean by picking up as I go. I see something misplaced I put it where it's home is. Every month I declutter one thing, under sink, clothes, desk, or something else. Every night before bed I use 10 mintues to tidy everything up. To modovate myself I think of the out come and postistive of what I m doing.

Susan Z.
I haven’t achieved this. My home is not particularly clean and i often get overwhelmed. I am trying to be kinder to myself and not give myself a hard time about my home.

Gudula M.
Everything has a place and a home so keeping my house clean is easy and straightforward. When I do it, it makes me feel happy and complete because the house looks nice and my mind is at ease and I feel content. I’m able to rest or go to sleep when everything is done for the day it signals me the day is ending. If I don’t clean or wipe things down I feel irritated or disorganised and that reflects into my actions to myself and to others. To not feel overwhelmed I start small easy tasks things I know that signals the auto pilot then the rest automatically follows one task after another task and then it’s done!

Eli Ka O.
I have a list of chores I need to do – i have mothly chores list, weekly chores list and every evening i do my nex day chores list and things to do.

Yulia Q.
I have learned to let go. I realized that it’s NEVER going to be perfect and allow my house to have a little imperfection. Who cares if I run out time to wash dishes after breakfast or if I didn’t do laundry the day I wanted to do it? I used to feel extremely overwhelmed and discouraged after cleaning my house to the sparkles and the next day noticing first crumb here and there, and then an item put at a wrong place… I used to get irritated and even stressed about it. Then I realized that the house is a living organism that is breathing and living. It’s okay for it to be imperfect, just like it’s okay for you to be imperfect. That’s what makes you and your house unique. It gives it personality.

Secondly, I try to not procrastinate when it comes to day to day chores. I make my bed as soon as I wake up, I put things away at the proper place as soon as I’m over using, etc. Taking care of small things often, helps preventing from collapse in the house where it becomes too overwhelming and not fun to clean.

Hope that helps!

Stella W.
Designate a place for everything to go. That way it’s easy to clean cause you don’t need to find places for things, and you could even clean as you go. Putting music on helps me as well. And for things like vacuuming and bigger tasks, set an exact time in your week you plan to do it, so you can mentally prepare. Hope this helps!

Amber F.
I keep my house clean without getting overwhelmed by cleaning through out the day. Just a bit at a time and going room by room. Usually takes about 2 hours in the morning and the rest of the time is just picking up here and there.