What are your top 3 daily organisational tips

Mya S.
I don't have 3 tips but For me it's making a list to what i wanna do. I put it to somewhere i can see easily so i can see what i have to do whole day
Samank C.
In no particular order, I use:
• Notion (Both Android and Windows/Web) to organize my life and save my thoughts, plans, projects, etc. My data base. It has a learning curve and needs internet connection. But it's amazing.
• Multi Timer Free (Android App) It has voice alarms! So here I save recurrent reminders and set the timers. You can create groups! And it's ridiculously customizable.
• Business Calendar. I just love it. It's almost perfect.

All of them are amazing and have a lot to offer even before Premium!

If you are a student, always look for Students Licences! (Notion offers one.)

And of course: Fabulous.
It's a shame it's such a heavy app. But I know it's constantly improving.

Joey J.
Get the tasks completed as soon as you know all the steps to complete the task. The longer you wait to complete the task the more stress you're causing yourself. Do not procrastinate, the sooner you get a tasks completed the sooner it will be out of the way especially if it's a difficult task
Kristyna N.
1)Keeping monthly/quarterly, weekly and daily planner and planning the coming period before the end of the current one. Keeping the tasks realistic and specific. This helps me to: double check if I've done all I needed, track my progress on long term projects, prioritize, stay focused and take time off when I can or deserve it.
2) daily morning yoga session followed by short meditation. This keeps me focused, sharp and motivated.
3) say no to activities that would jeopardise your progress. E.g. All day trip when needing to work on project, night out before early morning work.. Try to schedule a free day for yourself and fun activities each week rather than trying to squeeze in something potentially disruptive later on.
Enrique O.
i guess firt drink water because it will probably boostyour energy and will immediately wake your self. second exercise you need it to stretch those muscle so you won't rust and probably if you are aiming to have beach body this will probably help you third is breakfast because it will help you to recharge