I would love to know what’s your cleaning routine when you clean the house. Where do you start and what products you use. Thanks

Emma W.
I make a list of things to do everyday that week in certain rooms. I also make a special list for every Friday, that is when I deep clean. As in dusting everyroom, change sheets, and things like that. Hope this helps! 🙂
Gabin S.
I always write a checklist first, and then I number them to decide what order I’m going to do them in. Then I put on really loud music either earphones or on speaker and I dance around a bit to psych myself up. I try to make the first task an easier one, so I feel motivated to do more. I use disinfectant wipes to wipe down the surfaces in my house because it’s so satisfying throwing them out when they’re dirty. I make sure I have everything readily available so that I don’t come up with excuses. These things are vacuum cleaner, mop, mop bucket, disinfectant, borax , toilet cleaner and surface spray. If worst comes to worse and you need something a bit stronger to clean, use sugar soap. If you want to, you can focus on one room at a time, I usually start with the one that is most urgent. Like if the toilet hasn’t been done for longer than you’d care to say, then to that first. That way if you lose motivation halfway through your list, at least you’ve prioritised the important stuff first.
Dale F.
I usually just clean my room but my stuff is always around my house. I take all my stuff from around the house put it away and then put away clothes/shoes. Finally I put everything else away and organise
Melissa Y.
I have a cleaning lady or ladies who usually do my home. During covid-19 my fiance and I will be cleaning the house. I like to start with the main floor. The kitchen, floors and living room. Then we do bathrooms. Upper floors and change the beds!
Tif O.
I do a little bit every day and I do one real clean a week. So, I'll sort of tidy the bathroom but then on Monday I deep clean it. I keep the kitchen tidy, but then on Wednesday I clean it, do the floors, etc. That way I'm not cleaning all day, but each room gets clean once a week. I also wash my sheets once a week. I use flash and bleach products. I do have some cleaner I made using essential oils, but that's what I use during the week just to spray and rinse and keep things smelling nice and clean.
Kat N.
Honestly, I’ve started using Target brand cleaning products, wipes and glass cleaner. I know if I have something simple to use, I’m more likely to use it. I try to start in the kitchen. If the kitchen is clean I feel much better! I’ve been making a concentrated effort to clean the kitchen every evening, and put things away after breakfast. So just a few minutes in the afternoon makes it clean. If I still have time, I’ll straighten my room or the living room.
Adam U.
For me, the most important places to clean are the entryway and the toilet. Of course I clean the kitchen and vacuum, but I clean the entryway and toilet even when they’re not dirty. It’s to maintain good-feeling energy inside my home.

As for products, definitely check Environmental Working Group’s list of products that won’t harm you.

Daniel J.
Hire a cleaning service! Tidy.com is cheap. Think of how much more time you’ll have to focus on the things that really matter to you, or the extra money you could make during that time.
Terri F.
I usually first I dust off the furniture, second sweet and mob the floor, then I clean the bathroom with the product name's "cif" ( I hate that part), and every day I order in the morning the beds and some things.
That's all, thans for asking.
Janet E.
I follow FlyLady.net way of cleaning. I start a little at the time. First Baby step is keeping your kitchen sink empty and shiny. She builds her routines from there.
Jamie N.
Before having children, I would clean rooms on the weekend. With little ones in the home, I do isolated cleaning chores on any day I have time. I realized that I don’t like tons of cleaning on the weekend bc it ate up so much time. So I do appreciate that having kids broke me out of that habit. I wouldn’t like to make the weekday chores a habit more consistent, rather than whenever I can fit it in.

Products? I use some Norwex cloths for most rooms. And still paper towels for bathroom cleaning.

Duane C.
I try to clean a little every day during the week. This is mainly tidying downstairs and in the kitchen. I tend to do some first thing in the morning and some last thing at night (between 30-60mins max).

On the weekend I tend to do a lot more. Probably 3-4hours each day…or sometimes more…which is a bit embarrassing to write down. This tends to be the deep cleaning stuff, such as, all the laundry, cleaning the bathrooms, hoovering, mopping, cleaning the tiles and kitchen cabinets, washing the dog and paperwork etc. The list goes on. I will start in the morning and usually not get finished until mid afternoon…which sounds like I clean for even longer than I thought! I do other things within this time like take my dog out for a long walk but they still take up only a fraction of the time I end up cleaning. I do get some enjoyment out of it becuse I can put on my headphones and listen to music, podcasts or audible. And I feel like I'm doing something worthwhile and useful. But it is a bit excessive and once the afternoon comes round I'm exhausted and don't want to do anything else the whole day which then feels a bit wasted. I have actually been thinking about how to find a balance.

Andrej A.
I've been trying to live a healthier life, that includes the products we use. We use norwex cloths and young living products for cleaning. I like to start up high and work my way down. Typically starting in the kitchen, living areas and then bathrooms. Laundry and bedrooms are another day task as well as yardwork and patio work in another day. Just make a list and work through it. When you finish, reward yourself!
Paul Y.
I take it one room at a time so I don’t get overwhelmed. I start in the living room then move to the kitchen and then move from room to room if others need to be cleaned. I try to keep my bedroom clean so it’s not usually a daily thing. The products I use are from Amway, they are concentrated and last months and if the kids get into them, there’s no panic because it’s all natural and not poisonous. Obviously our cabinets with cleaning supplies are baby proof but better to be safe than sorry! Feel free to visit my retail website
Www.amway.com/my shop/CisnerosShop
Valeria Z.
It dipends, almost everyday I have to clean up the dishes. Once a week I clean all the house, I have a house mate so we split the cleanings, we have two floors so one cleans the upper floor and the other one cleans the other floor.
I have terracotta floors so I have to use specific products for it.
For the windows I have special sponges that works real well.
However I usually clean the dust, then the windows, then I use the vacuum cleaner and then the product for the floor.
Of course I tidy up everything before starting the cleanings.
Sorry for my English, I'm not mother tongue.
Sasha U.
I start cleaning my bedroom first, I make the bed, the clean the bedside drawer and my other drawer then pick up any clothes on the floor or chair (either put them away
Or throw them in the Laundry basket) lastly I sweep, and throw away the trash. If I have time I clean the shower, bathroom sink and toilet as well as take out the trash
Victoria U.
Great question! I start by setting a timer for 20 min. 20 min a day does a lot of good for me. I choose if I want to clean for longer or stop after 29 min. Then I stand at the doorway and I pretend I’m a stranger looking for the first time and start with what bothers me most. The biggest eye sore in the room I just knock it out! Also I recommend starting with your bedroom. It should be the cleanest in the whole house (your sanctuary). If your room is clean great. Then I start with the entry way. The cleaning product I use most is pine sol it’s versatile( read label dilute with water) You can use it on soap scum in the shower, as good as windex on the mirrors, good for mopping and cleaning the toilets! Good luck
Menna F.
Well,cleaning may boring for some people ,but actally it helps to release the stress. First ,you start with the desks, cupboards & clean them using a small towel & glass or wood cleaner. Try to get rid of the useless stuff in your closet & cupboards. Arrange your desk. Even if it took you days or weeks,you'll feel alot better. Put some flowers in the balcony. You're not only cleaning, you make your place beautiful. Try to do some crafting in the process ,too. Like following some styling hacks while arranging your closet, you will find some pieces that you can put on with others and so on. The last thing you can do is cleaning the floor. First,remove the dust with a vacuum cleaner then clean using liquids like Detol for example.
Cindy F.
I start in the kitchen and cleannoff counters first. Each room is done in chunks. For example, gather all trash first, then gather all dishes, toys, laundry,etc. Leaving.you with dusting, straightening and sweeping.
Moana A.
Best way to answer is probably to explain my day. Firstly, I wake up, drink water, make my bed + clean room, exercise, stretch, meditate, shower = once im washed I clean the shower down before jumping out, once changed I clean the rest of the ensuite, wash my hands, put a load of washing on if any + tidy laundry, have breakfast then after that clean kitchen/dinning, clean lounge as its closest to the front door (first room people will see when entering house) then tidy rest of the rooms, main bathroom + toilet, finish off with a vacc & mop (throughout the day I do washing until its vanished hahaha wash, hang, bring in fold, put away)
Kellie J.
I start top to bottom and leave living room and kitchen until last. This is because if I clean these rooms first I'll want to relax in them and forget about the rooms I don't use too often. Big clean like this on a weekend then a couple of loads of laundry and dishwasher during the week is a good way to keep up if you work full time. The best product I use is call d "Koh" it can be used on anything and is environmentally friendly.
Maricota E.
Well in case of sweeping floors we mainly use water and a good absorbing cloth, which we tend to replace in every two weeks. We also use mild disinfectant on a weekly basis and antiseptics occasionally.
Stephanie Y.
I first start with my room. I fold the bed in the morning and pick up stuff from the floor. I then go into the living room and sweep it. Then I move into the kitchen and put the dishes where they belong. After that, I eat breakfast, and when I am done with breakfast I clean the dishes I washed, and then go clean the restroom. Finally, I mop the floor. I’m switching to “earth friendly” cleaning supplies, so I am still experimenting with them. I do love with other people, so I wake up before them, so that when they wake up the house is clean.
Cory T.
Usually I’ll start in the kitchen, and no matter what room I got too to bottom! I use diluted bleach, sanitizer and general cleaner. Once all my surfaces are wiped I’ll move on to floors; always ensuring nag champa is burning
Caroline F.
I live in a studio flat so I tackle each 'room' one by one and build momentum that way. I use Eco-friendly cleaning products such as Method and Eclover
Annika Y.
I use an app called flat tomato and another one called tody to help me manage my time and what needs attention first. Flat Tomato uses the pomodoro method to help me stay focused on one task at a time with short breaks in between.
Tody creates a schedule for what needs to be cleaned and how often (because I don’t really always know how often things need to be done).
Most often, I use windex multipurpose spray to clean pretty much everything except windows and toilets. I buy it in bulk on amazon and just refill my bottles to eliminate waste.
I just bought a Bissell spin mop to make floor cleaning easier. As well, we have a Shark Brand Robot vacuum. My goal is to automate or simplify every possible cleaning responsibility. So I can be more successful.
Barbara N.
I clean room by room usually kitchen first then dining then lounge. I collect all the items not in their homes and then after cleaning out the collected items in their right place.
Marine Z.
Well first I dust with my handy swiffer duster everywhere. If ths very grimy and dusty I use a wetted down paper towel. Afterwards I prep my bleach gel for my toilet let it sit. Then i spray any stains or any gross places like the sink or door handles with Lysol All purpose cleaner. Then I go over all of my other normal surfaces with the cleaner. For stubborn spots I use Mr. Clean magic eraser. Next Windex on windows and mirrors. Then I clean the area I soaked prior. After that is 2 or 3 sweepings to make sure I get as much dirt as possible on the 2nd and 3rd pass its focused on hard to reach areas or places where furnature is. Then its a 2 step mopping. 1st go over with hot water and bleach. Then after that dries i got over it the same way with hot water and Fabuloso or Pine Sol whatever smell I want at the time. Then I febreeze fabrics my fabrics and spray Tide Febreeze air freshener everywhere.
Holdina Q.
I go room by room. First, I sort the mess in the room I’m working on by where the items belong. I take everything out that doesn’t belong in that room and move those things to the rooms where they should be (for example, if I’m cleaning my bedroom, all cups and mugs get moved to the kitchen, skincare/hair care get moved to the bathroom, etc.). After that, I should only have what is necessary for that room, which can easily be organized and placed where it belongs.

In terms of cleaning products, I have tried a whole bunch. The organic, “all natural” ones never actually work as well as the tried and true (Clorox, Windex, Dawn dish soap). I also like to use white vinegar and baking soda, especially for gross plastic (protein shake bottles).

Ken Y.
I look and think nah let’s do something else. I choose one thing each day and focus on that. If I play my song list I do more generally.
Sara Z.
I use to clean my bedroom after breakfast, I make the bed and I often dust. After that, I clean the bathroom, cleaning the toilet, the sink and the mirror with some alcohol. In the afternoon I wash the dishes, I tidy up the kitchen and my work station.
Maia C.
I love to clean my room first, the bathroom. I sweep the dust off tables and chair and then I disinfect all surfaces. Then I finish it off with the vacuum cleaner. It’s so great seeing your house shine and you feel so satisfied that for the rest of the day you can organize everything better!
Rojda O.
Hello, well first I tidy the house. And then I prepare my cleaning products. I use a French brand called Carolin (it’s with white soap) for floor. I put 1 or 2 drops of vinegar cider to kill the bacteria’s. I usually start with bedrooms. I use glass cleaner spray for glass table and the windows. I have puppy at home so I do everyday cleaning. I like to have the cleanliness smell which that white soap making me feel amazing 🙂
Ma Line N.
At first I vacuum all the floors, and then I organize and put things back in place. Then, I take the small brush on the vacuum and clean out all the corners and edges for dust. Finally, if I'm feeling good, I clean all glass surfaces, the oven, and the bathroom.
Anne Wil Q.
I don't really have a routine. I do what is needed to be done. Everyday i take care that all my stuff return to their place or belongs.