How do I get the motivation to clean my work space? It’s very messy.

Viktoria N.
You can start off by thinking how you want Your work space to look like. Like what theme? And then try to set a timer for 10 min and start clean off Your work desk or work space. Once you start its easier to continue. Hope it helped

Aisha Z.
Firstly remember you are doing it for yourself
Imagine how you want it to look.
Put the music on.
Syke yourself up
And wallah
Let’s go

An Lia C.
I find it hard to do it myself, but I set a goal to achieve (clean my space) and I take it one step at a time. I try my best to achieve my goal, whether I take a short period or a longer one.

Kathy O.
there's a book by Mary kondo that is the life-changing of tidying up something like that and it really talks about holding things each item to what sparks joy and if it brings joy to you if you keep it if not then you say am I trying to hold on to the past or am I afraid of something in the future and it has really helped me go through the things in my house and keep my workspace clean.
And to have out what I needed has helped me reduce the clutter