How can you declutter a small home?

Wijenayaka Z.
I want to success in my life, if I haven't money to build a new big home I wouldn't declutter a small home. I want to gain money by bubuilding up my position then there is no doubt.

Beth P.
I’m in the same boat. First, be aware of what new things you’re bringing in—if it isn’t useful, if it isn’t something that will make you smile when you look at it one month or one year from now, admire it in the store…and leave it there. Second, I recommend gathering all the items of a particular type together when you sort—all the dishes, all the books, all the clothes, etc.—so you can really see how much you have and make choices between duplicate or very similar items. Keep only what you will actually use/wear/read or what you truly love. Start the sorting with items that you’re less emotionally attached to—this, items that are easier to let go of. That will help get you in the mindset and habit of letting things go. In a small house, the space you have available can help you make decisions about what to keep—if you have only one shelf to devote to cookbooks, say, then once the shelf is full, you have to decide whether you’re willing to take a book off the shelf to make room for one in the stack you’re still sorting. If you truly don’t have the space, you need to let something go. I wish you the very best luck! Send me positive thoughts too!!

Sudha I.
Assign a place for everything you want to arrange before you start to declutter. Then you can arrange everything effortlessly. Make the process enjoyable by having your favorite playlist on in the background!

Sierra Y.
My best advice: think about if you were packing for a month-long trip to a similar climate, and only had one suitcase. What are the essentials that you would pack? From there, realize the difference in your home between what you really need to live, and what could serve someone else better (while freeing up space in your home). “The Art of Tidying Up” by Marie Kondo, as well as “Minimalism: A documentary about the important things” are both great resources to check out as well.

Margarida T.
Take 10 mins every night to tidy up the small things. You can also tidy the main spot in the room first as it will look alot better right away eg: make the bed first in you bedroom, then move on to the rest.

Flora C.
Declutter room from room. Start in one room. Empty everything out or if its a lot, do sections by sections e.g. bedroom you could start in wardrobes or the kitchen you could empty everything out into the middle. Then get some boxes, label them need, i don’t know, bin and move to another room. Start organising this and it should help you declutter things. When putting things back, try compacting the, so put them in boxes or stack to make it as tidy as possible. If you don’t need things and you cant let go, put them in a box and tape it up and find an space to put them, like the attic or spare room.