how do i get more motivation to clean and get rid of old items?

Lanie W.
As counterproductive as it may sound, I get motivated by spending some time watching videos of other people cleaning and decluttering. If you have Netflix, I would recommend Tidying Up with Marie Kondo. I also find it easier to stay motivated if I have the same videos playing in the background while I clean.
Ami Lyn E.
I set a schedule of which rooms I will be focused on each day, along with an set minimal time to clean. This keeps me focused and I dont get as overwhelmed.
Eric N.
Through my my past journey of pursuing more efficiency and productivity, I have found that a clean workspaces is very helpful for getting to work. Using that as motivation, whenever I am unable to get to work, I clean up instead s it is often easier.
Joyce E.
Unless you're waiting for a time where you are feeling super pumped and motivated to clean, you can't exactly just "get" motivated by sitting around.

Think of the reasons why you wanted to clean. Stuff like – there's no point in keeping all this junk if I haven't used it for a long time and its just taking up space.

For me, because I was donating my stuff, I thought about how other people may want and need those things more than I do and that I'd rather it be reused to make someone happy, than sit in the corner of my room.

So once again, you can't just get motivated because being lazy and procrastinating is easier. Let's be real. But honestly, you don't even need motivation, you just need to get started. Because sometimes even after you read this, you still won't feel motivated. So start small or just go full out, whatever works for you. You gotta JUST DO IT!

Mayu N.
Getting rid of old items is kind of hard for me too.cause I feel that maybe they will be helpful in some work.But no we don’t remember when we need it we just keep them for no reason just messing up the house so its better to get rid of them.So that your surrounding will be more pleasant and spacious.
Taylor U.
Start with the smallest task to give you confidence that you can do it and work your way up to the longer tasks. This is what works for me!
Samantha E.
You would be surprised how easy it is to get rid of items once you start and it makes you feel accomplished even if it's just one corner of one room at a time. I've just moved house and had stuff everywhere (I had to keep stepping over things to get through rooms!) but what I did was started clearing one section of a room at a time, before moving to another so it didn't feel so overwhelming. Try categorising items as well; charity shop, bin, sell, keep. Another thing to do is be ruthless! If you tend to keep a lot of items 'just in case' you most likely won't get rid of much! We really don't need much to have a pleasant environment, remember, less is more.