What is your least favorite room to clean and why?

Kathy O.
My least favorite room to clean: the storage room. It’s full of memorabilia. Some heavy boxes. So I ignore it. One day I’ll clean it but need help Moving heavy objects
Jen N.
My bedroom, as there are so many “under” places (under the bed, under the dresser), the furniture is too bulky to move by myself, and there’s the least open space out of any room. Maybe having a better closet organization system (the closet is also small) and laundry system will be helpful?
Safa W.
My last favourite room to clean is the kitchen. Why? That's because of all the scrubbing you have to do to get rid of stains, especially oil and grease.
Adeline F.
My room requires organizing and moving thungs around. Often in requires doing and refolding laundry. There is too much STUFF and I get overwhelmed. The effects of work i put into it never last long .