Where should I even start the cleaning up process?

Liva Y.
I used to start one thing, get distracted, start another, and then feel lost in my own space. But tonight I looked up, picked the first thing that came to my mind and finished it before I moved on to anything else. This helped me.

Sudha I.
Start cleaning superficially then you will get the actual idea of how much cleaning is required. Then you can do deep cleaning.

Stephen P.
Start with the biggest eyesore and work your way from there. Spend a few hours on the weekend cleaning. Once you have a nice place in order to maintain it you should schedule 10 mins of cleaning a day when you get home from work.

Emily Z.
I struggle with this too.
One piece of advice I found helpful is to start with the sink (shine your sink): clear things out and wipe it down.

Another method is to set a time limit, like 20 minutes or one podcast.

Pick a small task: put away laundry, pick up things of the bedroom floor, etc. Stop when the time is up. It isn't about how much you do but that you start doing it. It is kind of like exercise or meditation. Just a tiny bit.

It also helps me to break it down into super super small tasks. This cartoon helps https://twitter.com/baph0meat/status/1187072643423490050?s=21

Elisabete C.
I’m already pretty tidy, but I added this to not let stuff sit like emptying the dishwasher, taking out the trash, etc. Once you are in a good place, ten minutes a day is great to keep it up. If you are well behind on tidying, then I would say pick either one thing – Tupperware, shoes, bathroom vanity. And tackle one a day.

Susannah N.
Start with an area that’s bothers you the most. Aim for progress rather than perfection. Set a timer for a short amount of time and see what you can accomplish before it goes off. The next day repeat the habit in that same spot or move on to a different area when that spot is underneath control.