What helps you to complete this habit when you do not feel like doing it?

Karlee F.
When I make a commitment to something it means something to me. When I give my word it means something to me. It should matter to others as well, and they should not allow them excuses to make it okay they did not follow through with their commitment or word. Even when there may not be enough hours in the day l, you still make it happen. No excuse! The next time before you give your word or make a commitment to do something, take time to figure out if you’re really all in!
Alessio S.
Starting, it is as simple as just taking the first step, to automatically see it through. Sometimes I also consider if I don’t get something done, will it be a problem for me in the future, or can it wait or be excluded altogether. My answer to that will be motivation to do it sooner.
Eva N.
I know that it will be better for me in the long run and I'm tired of being beat down by the "I don't want to" mood. If you want to change, you have to work for it.
Erin O.
When I dont feel like completing a challenge, I need to remember why I started in the first place. To do something good for me. I'm always doing for others and have chosen to make more "me" time and make myself better, mentally and physically. It's also a positive thing for my daughters to see me set my mind to something and accomplish a goal.