What is the Marie Kondo method?

Johann A.
To sum up, it explains how to ‘spark joy’ in your like by tidying up your environment – I’d suggest to read the book, it’s very interesting.
Edith S.
I don’t know much about it, but I feel like I know the basics. The Marie Kondo method is a way of tidying. There’s a certain way you clean: starting with this category and moving on to the next. I believe there’s five categories. And, I know, with clothes, you ask yourself “does this spark joy?” And if it doesn’t, you can donate it or sell it if it’s fairly new. That’s all I know for know.
Frida X.
She has a series on Netflix you can check out. She basically teaches people to live in a tidy minimalist way to bring happiness and harmony to peoples homes and lives.
Thomas T.
The method of purging your home for what gives you joy and what does not. Allowing yourself to use gratitude for each and every item in your household, while using strategic methods to place the things you keep in an orderly fashion.
Suzanne Z.
It is a method for organizing and de-cluttering that focuses on appreciating your belongings and only keeping items that bring you joy. She has a Netflix show.
Lise Z.
It is worth to read it. It teaches you that less is more. That clutter is detrimental. That having a clean tidy home make it pleasant for you to spend time there. It shows you how to know what things you should decide to throw away. How to organise things. But basically you have to give away a lot of stuff. It feels so good!! I feel much better. I did wonders for me.
Thea W.
In essence, it’s a way to appreciate what you have materially and help decide what you want in your future life. The method asks to organize your things by categories instead of places e.g. clothes- pull all the clothes and form a big pile on your bed, then, hold each item in your hand and ask if the item sparks joy for you. Is it an item you’d want to buy and wear again? If so, keep it. If not, thank the item for serving you well and put it in a donate/discard pile. Do this similarly for paper, for books, for miscellaneous items and then items of sentimental value (usually the hardest for people).
Chiara T.
I am wondering what made you ask that question? Marie Kondo wrote a book about decluttering. Her methods are about keeping only things in your life that incite joy when you pick them up. Of course their is a lot more to it, but that would be a very long answer. Some things in the book have been helpful to me. If you’re interested in decluttering you might enjoy reading it. As with most things I recommend using the parts that work for you and ignoring the rest!
Arron S.
Only things that give you joy should stay in your life. To everything else it’s better to say “thank you” and “good bye”.
Duane P.
A method used to declutter and reorganize your possessions; do your belongings bring you joy? This method will help you reevaluate what is truly important and beneficial to you.
Bernice E.
The Kondon Method asks you to care for your belongings thoughtfully-ridding yourself of things that don’t bring you joy. It facilitates a more peaceful, less cluttered lifestyle!
H L Na S.
It is about only keeping items that ‘spark joy’ within you, so decluttering. She also uses an innovative way of folding clothes to prevent creasing and maximise creasing. In other words a system to help you organise and tidy.
Hailey T.
A Japanese chick who says does this create joy yes or no and throw it out otherwise. She’s into tidying up and keeping only the things that bring you joy!
Amelia O.
The KonMari method is a system of simplifying and organizing your home by getting rid of physical items that do not bring joy into your life. It was created by organizing consultant Marie Kondo and described in detail in her best-selling book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up.
Fred U.
It’s a long story. 😂

Basically, it’s a method where you keep only the things that Spark Joy. You could read the books that she’s written, and they explain everything in better detail. She also has a Netflix series.

Liva B.
The Marie Kondo method is a method of organizing / purging your belongings. Sort by catagory, not location. Ask yourself if the item brings you joy. If not, thank it for its time, and let it go. It’s really interestinf and useful.
Oscar N.
It is the KonMari wherein you declutter all your things and seperate the things that make you happy (spark joy) from the things you don’t need in life.
Adriza T.
Reflection on what’s around you. A system that you can use for organisation and a way of letting go of things that are no longer helpful or useful to us
Samuel J.
The Marie Kondo method is a way of organizing or tidying up your life. In truth it is about finding what brings to your life true joy and holding onto that while getting rid of the things in your life that don’t.
Louisa P.
It’s a method of decluttering and organizing your home. It is not minimalism if you don’t want that, but it helps you notice all the things in your home that do not give you joy and get rid of all of that. Marie Kondo also teaches you how to use the storing space you have effeciently.
Eugene F.
The KonMari Method is Marie's genius approach to helping your hoarding habits. She encourages tidying by category—not location—beginning with clothes, then moving onto books, papers, komono (miscellaneous items), and, finally, sentimental items. When choosing which objects to keep and which to toss, she suggests asking yourself a simple, yet impactful question: Does it spark joy? If things don't bring you joy, her site says, "Thank them for their service—then let them go.
Six basic rules of tidying method are :
2)Imagine the ideal life you wish to live.
3)Discard first.
4)Tidy by category.
5)Follow the order above.
6)Ask yourself "Does it spark joy?"
Sara E.
Go through everything in your house, one item at a time, and figure out if it brings you joy. Do you have an emotional attachment to an item? Do you get an immediate excitement when you see the item? If not, appreciate the time you’ve had and donate it. Organize the things you keep. Move on to the next space. This is especially true to closet.
Carolyn P.
It is a super effectif way to clean your house and get rid of all the stuff you don’t need. For me it brought more peace in our home and my mind.
Judy F.
The Marie Kondo method is a cleaningmethod/lifestyle. It is a way to take back control over your life and be happier. The cleaning in its self is in five stages where you go through all your things and only keep those that bring you joy.
Noah T.
Getting rid of the things that don’t make you happy, and keeping the things you want to last awhile ! Did it w my nail polish, dishes, clothes
Reginald X.
It is a way of decluttering your house and also a way to fold clothes so they fit better in the drawer. I use it in my house for clothing and getting rid of junk I don’t want.
Romain N.
The Marie Kondo method is a way of organizing through whatever you’re living in, but you do it in a way to where it will feel like a huge weight just lifted off your back.
Magnus W.
The Marie Kondo method is used to organize your life. She gives useful tips on purging things from you life that no longer bring you joy. She also gives tips on how to be organize your space by folding and stacking differently.
Gonzaga Q.
It’s when you throw away stuff you don’t need. And you know you don’t need them, when they don’t make you feel joy, and when you don’t use them !
Heidi G.
It’s a method to organize yourself and the place where you live. Marie says, that everything should make us happy. Even your sock should give you joy!
In short: be in love with your items is the way to become happier. And Marie Kondo method helps to understand it 🙂
Dora J.
The Marie Kondo method of folding clothes is a great way to organize and store your clothes. It would be too long for me to explain how but a video is shown on you tube! Just google it.
Maximilian Q.
She wrote the book about tidying up that’s so popular. She also has a show on Netflix right now. It’s actually a really great read, I would say life-changing
Dusan U.
Marie Kondo is a book author (I’d highly recommend her book) in which she explains her method of cleaning. It’s basically a system where you go through your entire house and declutter. Look at every item and think ‘does this spark joy’? Kondo is famous for helping her clients to throw away dozens of bags of trash full of stuff they don’t need.
Rasmus W.
Marie Kondo has a philosophy of only keeping things that “spark joy”. If it doesn’t, there is no place for it in your life.
Marsha S.
If an object does not inspire joy when you hold it or have it in your life, then it should be given away or donated. This ensures that only things that fill you with joy are in your home.
Timmothy C.
Finding items which spark joy in your life. Thanking items that have served their purpose and allowing them to move onto another home, as they are no longer need in yours. Organising belongings in a way that makes one feel at ease and happy.
Sophia T.
I feel like she has a lot of different methods for different things. The one I use is start with one area and dump everything into another area to start from scratch with cleaning the entire room. That way you see everything you need to put back individually and as you pick up that item you honestly ask yourself “does this bring me joy”? If yes, you keep it and put it in the room u just cleaned out or if no, you put it into a pile to throw away or give to goodwill.
Ngelo S.
I’m not sure I remember I’ll can give a guess….
Is it when you take habit or thing to work on and focus on that until you get it down?
Jill Z.
Marie Kondo is being grateful for your things and realizing we hold onto a lot of stuff that does not mean so much to us until we reflect
Amelia Y.
It’s a method of decluttering your life. To organise items in your life in a simple, user friendly and beautiful way. It’s about learning to keep only items which spark joy.
Duane O.
An approach to decluttering (or “tidying”) where you go room by room, area by area and get rid of things that do not bring you joy.
Rasmus P.
1. Give away excess clothing or things in the house, or office
2. Keep things that make you smile 😄
3. Looks like I am clean and my home as well! 🧹
Robim G.
It’s an organising method that involves organising your clothes, books, papers and rooms of your home. Concerning your clothes, Kondo inspire you to donate the ones you don’t need, as well as recognising the ones you don’t use anymore but you still have an emotional attachment to. Before any donation, she also encourages you to be grateful for the time that piece of clothe have been useful for you. As for the books and the papers and the rooms, I encourage you to read her book, because I haven’t finished it yet and I reckon it is much more effective if you do so yourself, you’ll learn best!
Nilda P.
Hi, she has a method to tidy up home and by doing so your life from clutter. She has a show on Netflix.
What i liked most is, thanking and saying bye to your unused goods (new or old). Practicing leaving behind and going forward.
Frida W.
Sort your things by category rather than area ie go through all your clothes in one go. Keep the things that spark joy or are absolutely necessary and say au revoir to those things that need to move on
Jo Z.
it’s a great way to declutter your house and life, get rid of things that you don’t need, it’s a step on the path to minimalistic living. research more as i won’t be able to write the whole method here. there is also a show on netflix about her, check it out 😉
L Rke C.
Marie Kondo is this Asian woman known by her organization skills. She has a very specific method to organize a house. For example, if you choose a topic, such as clothes, then you get all clothes you have out in a bed and start folding it piece as it feels most right…
Caio T.
It’s a Netflix special and a book, but her main idea is to gather all of your belongings, ask yourself if each one sparks joy, and let go of the ones that don’t.
Joseph G.
Its a system of decluttering, ‘invented’ By the Japanse Marie Kondo. By categorising items and holding each item to decide if ‘it sparks joy’ (And can stay) you start making room for a new lifestyle. I personally loved the book and really started to think different about stuff. I recommand it (see also her series on Netflix)
Aleu F.
The Marie Kondo method is about cleanliness and organization. It uses joy as a way to measure what stays and goes. She also makes sure to bring everything into the light. Then go through the pile and make sure everything has a place to be put back.