How do you keep you house organized once you’ve cleaned it?

Terra J.
I spend at least 1 hr going around to every single room every night and doing a once over. I spend about 10 minutes on both bathrooms organizing my makeup back into place, washing sinks and toilets, putting towels away, and wiping the mirrors. I spend around 15 minutes on both the master room, master closet, and my daughters room, picking clothes, making beds, keeping charging cords neat, putting toys away. I spend about 30 minutes on the rest of the house. Cleaning up dishes or straightening the pillows on the couches, vacuuming the kitchen and dining room, starting a liars of laundry and putting a load away. It keeps me on top of everything. Most nights I only spend about 30 minutes because when you stay on top of everything you don’t need to spend a lot of time everynight.
Karla C.
Well, once you’ve cleaned it,make sure every few hours or so to make sure things are the way they should,for example once you used some pillows in the sitting room and you’re done with them,put them back in their place ,so that you don’t have to do a whole house clean up.

Have a nice day.

Wenzel T.
By doing all the little tasks that usually get ignored. Put your coat and shoes away as soon as they are off. Once you’ve used a dish, wash it and the next time you’re in the kitchen dry them and put away. Just clear the clutter and put things in the place they belong.
Nikolaus C.
To be truthful, I don’t.
It looks good for awhile but then life happens.
So the trick is understanding that and being ok with it.