How do you get rid of a junk drawer and keep it clean

Emilia U.
i get rid of a junk drawer and keep it clean by organizing it so that i know where everything is. i put these plastic boxes inside the drawer so that i can organize easily. once every week i clean the drawer to make sure it stays clean.
Moliha N.
First you will have to set a 15 min timer and then start a song and start cleaning and you should keep cleaning until the timer gose off it will be a short time of cleaning but very effective
Meinhard O.
don't wait for it become untided or full of junk and unwanted stuff for you to clean. Just make a ten minutes time to rearrange your drawers everyday even if you see it not that untidy and
tend to skip it up. Once tidying becomes a routine things turn out easier.
Franz Peter X.
I struggled with this for a long time! First off stop adding things to the drawer. Most of the time when we are in a rush or tired we just throw things somewhere out of sight "junk drawer". So instead take time to put those items away it doesn't take as long as you think! Next find time to actually sit down and dump it all on your floor. If you look at it and it gets overwhelming just think of another creative way to use the drawer and that should modivate you to clean out the drawer. I like to use the sorting method so I put the things in piles: things I want to keep in the drawer, trash, things I want to keep and don't have a place for yet(things that have a place I go and put them there immediately), and then a donation pile. This method should help you think through stuff and get rid of more. After you finish sorting put the things where they belong. Now you should be left with a tiny pile of stuff that you want to keep in the drawer. Use organizers in your drawer to make sure you keep it organized also you can a a 10 min pick-up into your nightly routine so you dont have to worry about cleaning a big mess later when you can just clean a little bit each night. One last tip to keeping your drawer clean is, everytime you walk in to that room pick up 5 things and put them away where they belong (not in the drawer)

Hope this helps!!

Maelya F.
Take your time and double check what you need and what needs to go. Nothing has been used for a while, but there might be items you have searching for. Then double check again. Everything has a place. If not, get rid of it. Things of values need to put of filed away for easy recovery.
Valerie N.
Try and take your time and see what useful and what not if it’s not throw it away and the things you need put the somewhere in the house where it should belong, like a pen place in tour pencil pouch or where you keep pencils