How do you keep track of all the things you need to clean or tidy up?

Aubree E.
I sperate it in to rooms. Each room at a time. Then i first make all the easy things for me and only then the harder. Once a week i make the big projects as cleaning windows or floor else.
Isaac Y.
I usually make lists and do a little check mark next to the chores that I set up for myself once I did them, also I try to do 15 min quick cleaning. Hopefully this will help you, have a productive day!!!
Jill T.
Wel the things you didn’t clean op are lying all around the house. So you can see it anytime and be reminded to clean up
Liam G.
I do a visual inventory and write down three spots I see a mess, then check them off each day. I try to chip away at little tasks while waiting on my coffee to brew in the morning, because then it's easy to build momentum and keep my kitchen tidy before I leave for the day.

I also try to look at things and think, "would I be embarrassed if a relative showed up out of the blue and needed to stay here?"

M Lina Z.
Lists are always useful. You can make them daily, weekly or monthly (for maximum effect, try using all of them). For recurring tasks such as dusting and so on, you can use a white board, black board, your phone or anything else that can be erased and rewritten easily. You can also make a ritual just for cleaning (if you choose to clean on weekends or specific free days for example) or add the cleaning habit to your daily routine to complement the list, picking something from there each day according to how much free time you have (or how tired you are)
Dora P.
I use the Home Routines app, or you could use a box of index cards with each job on it. Side Tracked Home Executives is a good book that explains a system that would work for either.