How do you manage doing laundry when you really hate folding and putting away clothes?

Otto T.
I bring load of fresh clean clothes into my closet and put them away immediately. Easier to put away a single load that multiple piles that have collected over the week.

I also sort the clothes into groups before folding and start with the easiest ones like folding and matching socks. Then those can just get thrown in a drawer. Once the clothes start getting put away it’s easy to keep the momentum going.

Amor Y.
alan watts made a good point when he said you could make any situation fun and joyful… don’t take laundry so seriously: listen to music and have a dance sesh as you put away clothes. talk to yourself about your goals and ideas for the future… make the most of it:)
Hans Helmut O.
I usually do small load of laundry, to avoid the huge pile and the felling to be overwhelmed. After clothes are clean I placed all the clean clothes on top of my bed and from there start folding, while I have the TV on or a YouTube video that I was looking forward to watch. I usually don’t have time to watch tv at all, and folding laundry is my two for one opportunity
Jules Z.
I hate laundry but I hate piles and clutter more. The feelings That result from a clean house beat the feelings of failure that come from a dirty house. I pull myself up and do it to ensure I have better self emotions