How to get excited & appreciate d for cleaning

Marcus Z.
Listen to music and listen to your own playlist not one that someone else makes for you. I feel it gives me more control over what I'm doing.
Doreen F.
Cleaning the house is a part of our lives even though we don't like to do it because we us people we just like to rest and eat and enjoy our lives without hard working. So in my opinion you have to trick your mind a little bit just tell yourself that after doing this working you'll have your free time and do whatever you like to do maybe watch a new movie , read a your favorite book , practice sport . Just plan for something exciting so you can clean faster 😉
Riri U.
I don't really have a motivation or something I just like cleaning so it's not that hard for me to do it. And especially the last weeks I'm very tidy.
Gerlinde F.
Just get started and you’ll never want to stop. In the end you’ll be so much more relaxed when you see your clean and clutter-free space around you.