I’d like to have a more organized dresser and closet. My dresser holds a lot of clothes and picking out what I want can make it messy quickly. Any tips?

Mason Z.
My sister helped me organize my clothes, I’m kinda messy and don’t want to fold or hang stuff up so she got four bins and labeled them by type of clothes now I just sort my clean clothes into the bins it keeps my clothes off the floor for the first time in 22 years
Georgina N.
Organise the clothes in your wardrobe by colour or by the clothing item e.g short sleeves, jackets etc. For your dresser fold your T-shirt’s and trousers so they are like a file, that way you can see all your clothes easily!
Catherine Z.
Honestly, I have a messy wardrobe as well but I am also working on a more organized one! I recently took out all my clothes that don’t fit me or I just don’t end up wearing anymore and I’m left with way less clothing than I had before. I’m going to sell the clothing that I’m getting rid of and I’m going to use some of the profits to buy new clothing that I know I will wear for awhile. For keeping them organized, I suggest sorting them by sections like; sweatshirts, t-shirts, blouses, etc. I also suggest that you color coordinate them. I don’t have a very organized wardrobe myself but I do hope this helps and maybe I’ll try to keep my clothing a bit more organized from now on too!
Tylina J.
Well, you could always try one drawer at a time, or start with shirts, move onto pants then whatever else, while doing so imagine if youd wear it, like on a run somewhere or just going out just think “huh, would this be the first utfit id grab to wear or would this be in my closet forever