how often do you clean your house?

Mellissa F.
This is something I'm really trying to work on. I hate living in a messy place. I only have a one bedroom apartment that I share with my boyfriend and it's a mess! It's not dirty but there is clutter everywhere which makes it hard to clean or even figure out where to start (especially when a lot of items are my boyfriend's and I don't know what to do with them!). I feel overwhelmed and I'm living in a tiny apartment! I have been trying to do small tasks. Unfortunately, the tasks I'm doing are everyday things that I already do anyway (dishes, laundry, vacuum). So it doesn't make any difference. My partner and I went to Walmart yesterday and got two bins ($12 for a pack of 2) that are large but short enough to slide under the couch. While I organized the bins and cleared some space….it's dirty under the couch and needs to be cleaned before I can slide them under there. I do feel using all the space you have to organize items you don't use on a daily basis helps, like under a bed or couch etc. I tend to feel so exhausted by the time I finish the regular house chores that I don't have the want/energy to pull out the couch to deep clean under it, let alone all the other chores on the neverending list. I'm personally trying to take small steps, usually once I actually get started and get over that overwhelming feeling, I can actually get more done. I find it helps to say to yourself "I'm only going to tidy up this one area for 10min" and if I keep that in my head before I start, I seem to get more done. I know this isn't much help, lol clearly I need some tips too!
Alice Z.
I do a little cleaning every day. It really depends on what needs to be done. Some days I will focus on getting all the laundry done. Some days I focus on dishes or clearing off a table or countertop.
Alice Z.
I do a little bit every day – some days I do a lot more! Whether that's putting my pens away, organizing papers on my desk, or bringing my dishes to the sink or dishwasher.