Do you have some kind of ritual for cleaning?

Angela C.
I clean my space (like hoover, dust and mop it) every Saturday (sometimes even Friday or Sunday, it really depends on my schedule ) and also tidy it every morning after I head out of the door.
Rebecca Z.
No I don’t have a ritual. Although, I should start. After breakfast clean the table and counters, put away dishes and load the dishwasher. Then after lunch and naps, vacuum and start a load of laundry. Before bed, get any wet clothes to the dryer, finish dishes and pick up any toys.
Scarlett O.
Not really, but I am trying to develop one. I want to clean something different each day, and assign different tasks to different days. For now though I'm just focusing on my bedroom and making sure I at least make my bed each day. I'd rather keep things consistent at this level, than let things get worse. In time I hope to improve.
Heide Marie O.
First, I make my bed after I wake up. In the afternoon, after lunch, I typically break out the disinfectant spray and disinfect all surfaces like tabletops and doorknobs. Then I wash the dishes in the sink. After that, I sweep and Swiffer the floor.