How can I stay on top of clutter

Sophia Y.
I alway make sure that I put some order at night in the main living areas. My bed is the first thing I do and I make sure the dishes are done. I keep 2 baskets in staircases so whatever that does not belong in the room will get dropped in there. To sort through your stuff will help too . Don’t keep things that you don’t use. if they have sentimental value , you can store them and pull them out when you need or make sure that everything has a place. easy clean up for sure

Kayla N.
To stay up of class the clutter i always have a a tiny basket close to the entrance of my room for extra stuff so I can put it away later

Ashley U.
To stay on top of clutter, everything has a place. So start by putting things back in it’s appropriate place. Books in bookshelf, toys in toy box , put clothes away after laundry . But also purge anything that serves no purpose. If you don’t use it or haven’t used it through it away or donated,. Keep papers organized and filed .

Cherelle O.
Complete the circle.

Meaning, if you start it, finish it. If you bring something in, put it away before it gets cluttered. If it doesn't spark joy or is important, get rid of it.
I learned as my kids got older and kept bringing school work home I just could not keep it all. Now I keep maybe one piece out of 50.

Palak Z.
You need to declutter everyday for 30min to one hour .The feeling of a clean space gives happiness. You can even schedule cleanings like bathroom, wardrobe,etc. Take help if it is difficult for u alone.