I am to lazy to tidy up. What can I do?

Sophia O.
Tidying up is always hard for me. What’s helped me most is following along these new videos that are popping up everywhere (I’m sure you can find one on YouTube) that essentially break it down into steps! Then, you’ll have a video to follow along that goes something like “pick up everything that is blue. put away 10 clothing items. pick up every paper item. pick up purple items”, etc. It breaks it down and makes everything much easier for me 🙂 best of luck!

Alexis A.
This sounds cheesy but make it fun . I have a hard time getting motivated but listening to music or podcasts can help it go by faster . Do things while sitting watching tv or listening to audio books . Break up your home or apt into sections and tackle one single thing a day . Clean common spaces during the week . Clean personal spaces on the weekend . Picking up and tidying little things and putting them back as you use them . Let one small space in your house be messy and forgive yourself for what you don’t do . Just try to do a little more the next day .

Victoria Z.
My grandma used to advise me to “take one room at a time” in the effort to tidy up my house. I’ll add that playing your favorite music—whether from speakers to hear while cleaning or right from your earbuds— is another type of motivation. Tidying up is not the same as deep cleaning. I simply go about each room and put things away, straighten up a few more and move on. I can get done efficiently and without much distraction, especially while I’m singing along with rock band, Boston or Madonna’s greatest hits!

Martin J.
Write out a to do list. Set small goals within what you need to clean. Tell yourself you need to clean a certain section before doing something else. You’ve got this.

Erin G.
Hire a professional organizer! They can help with time management as well as declutter and efficiently organize in such a way that tidying requires less effort and needs to be done less frequently.

Black P.
Make it fun by playing some music and setting yourself a timer. Start with 15mins. You would be surprised what you can do. I.e washing up the plates in the sink.

Vianei P.
Choose a small corner and tidy this. Its looking nice might motivate me to continue. Do small things immediately so that they don't accumulate. I need to be a good example to my daughters.

Mattias O.
Do it as your walking around the house! When you go to the kitchen to grab a drink, grab some trash or dishes from the room your in and take them with you! This helps get things clean, without focusing on cleaning.

Adner Q.
Try to tidy up a little bit everyday, maybe at the end of the day. Put some music on. It can be only one song and tidy as much and as better as you can during that moment. I do that everyday: one song on the morning and one before sleep. It helps me, maybe it can help you too!

Jeremy U.
Open the windows and smell the fresh air. Look at your room and think that it only gets the fresh air when all is set appropriately. Start from tidying the clothes and closet. Then take all the dust from furniture and then take the vacuum. Tidy up a little bit and then take a look again if your beautiful space. Smile

Adonai T.
I am there with you. But what worked for me is that, I wanted to make sure my gf feels great about the environment and I wanted make her happy as she likes to see things clean. So I take a minute for her happiness. Also I incentivize that by adding to the Fab habits

Gene G.
Just start, you'll feel better afterwards.
Tidy up things right away if it doesn't take long to do so. Don't let things accumulate.
Declutter. Regularly.

Julie C.
Start with one thing. Something small. Try 2 or 3 minutes at first.. work to 5, then 10. Or just throw 1 thing away. Pick 1 thing up & put it in it's designated area.

Justin N.
I also used to be too lazy to Tidy up in the past 4 years, and now I make up my beds every day. I think you can start small, start from clean up your bed. This is quite simple and not time consuming at all; it only takes 1 min or less. And then you will feel a strong sense of accomplishment, at the very beginning of the day, which will give you a self-suggestion that you can control your day. I think later you will find this is so simple and add another small habit into your tidy up plans. I am also on my way! Let’s be better! If you want you can add my Instagram justinkiang, and we can supervise each other everyday!

Jebediah F.
No I am not! I can do the dishes, if those are already done I could clean the living room, if that's already clean I can clean around the dog cages. The moral of the story is that there is always something to be done! If I put forth the Initiative to find something's to clean I'llalways have something to clean! 😂

Aaron F.
Start small. Take a minute to clean out a drawer or organize some things on your desk. Tidying up doesn’t have to be a full-blown chore. Even just having a clean workspace can make you feel more at peace and in control!

Lisa Q.
Listen to music while you do it & don't tidy the whole room in the same day, just try to organise one drawer each day or plan any way you like just that you don't feel the pressure of doing the whole thing

Mani Z.
What worked for me was the initial push, I force myself to do it when I set my fabulous timer for tidying up. Once you clean the first one, the rest becomes easier. It doesn't matter whether you only clean a small part or never finish, when you do it and it slowly forms a habit, it gets easier and simpler with time.

Maggie A.
To prevent your space from getting messy in the first place, ensure you have a designated spot for everything you have. As long as you put everything back where it belongs you avoid causing mess – reducing your need to tidy up consistently.

Gavin C.
You can through the day do certain things at a time so that at the end of the day everything is completed. You could also have someone encourage you to clean.

Louisa S.
Be consistent. Put things away when I get them out, put my laundry away when I finish it, wash my dishes while they easy to wash

Freja W.
Just pick up a certain color or shape. Then pick a different one. And only focus on one room. One room or one section is better than before.

Evelyn Z.
Just do a little at a time, don’t try to do a whole room at once. For example, clean out one drawer, then a few hours later clean off a table top. You will see results right away and it will get addicting.

Suyin N.
Implement the rule: if it can be done in less than a minute , do it now! If you mean that to be the whole house, take one day you do it all, turn on some music or your favourite podcast and you will be finished before you realise it! Then, once everything is clean, take 5min every day to clean something. ONLY 5 minutes!

Ahren N.
Go after it! The first step usually is the hardest one, then it becomes almost automatic tidying.

Sit and contemplate what things are just misplaced, what things overwhelm your eyesight a bit, then the rest will be done.

You’ll feel so much better after cleaning up, it will be easier to start next time as you remember the great feeling of a clean space, and a clearer mind.

Christopher N.
Set a timer for 10 minutes at a time. Make it a habit to do this at least once a day, but it's good to do it once in the morning and once in the evening. The feeling of waking up to clean house is a great one. Also remember that clean house equals clean mind, and that putting work towards maintaining a clean room or house is work towards your own wellbeing

Loraci F.
Get into some comfy clothes, turn some music on and just start at on spot and work your way through. You wont even realise how quick you can do it if you try.
If that still doesnt work, imagine how pleased youll be with your self and how much nicer and more productive you will be/feel when your working in a clean environment.

Amanda U.
Simple things like putting dirty clothe in the hamper, putting dishes in the dishwasher, and hanging up towels can seem simple but make our living spaces cleaner. I also count prepping my bags for the morning or setting out my outfit for the next day as tidying up because it allows me to be more efficient and tidy in the morning.

Yulia Q.
In psychology, there’s no such thing as lazy. Our brain doesn’t want to do something and procrastinates if it doesn’t understand why it needs to do something. See, our psyche is a powerful tool which ultimate goal is either to survive, or to get pleasure. If neither of those are going to be satisfied, it will most likely say no to actions that it doesn’t understand the reason for completing. Why tidy up? Ask yourself this question? You need a goal for yourself that will help you get and up and do it. For me, it helps me to stay organized, it saves my time, it takes less space, and it looks cozier! I’m an artist and it’s much more inspiring to be in an organized and predictable environment due to the artistic chaos in my head. Also, start small. No need to do it all in one day. Maybe choose one area of your room first and get into habit of organizing that one area. Set a goal and a vision for that area and move from there one step at a time, day by day… Good luck!

Heather S.
Start with 15 min. in the morning, and 15 min at night before bed. If you have stuff laying around, when you are headed to the room it belongs in, grab it and take it with you, and put it away.

Aquira E.
Firstly, put on music that's enough to get you bopping around. Then pin point a corner and work on it to the music. Adjust each movement to the beat. Once that's done, you'll step back and think 'That looks nice….' and you'll look for any area that needs tidying up and get straight to it. The cluttered feeling will slowly disappear with each corner being cleaned and before you know it, you'll have so much space for dancing and singing, no one could blame you for being so happy and feeling so accomplished!!!

Ozzy F.
I would recommend just flying through it without thinking about it. Just jump up and start into the task without giving yourself a chance to talk yourself out of it.

Mayara P.
Just do something small. Wipe off the counter, throw away all the socks that have holes. All the small things make a difference

Lindsey Q.
Set small goals. Bribe yourself. For example, you can watch TV if you fold laundry while you watch it. Or you can have your snack but only after you do seven minutes of dishes.

Warren Z.
Start with small thing first.Like throw away the thrash.Then,gradually do the bigger task.Like clean your study place and your table.

Penny X.
1 Have the drive within you first
2 Have the desire
3 Set out for your goal
*Write a list
*Set a time & day
*Organize each item that belongs together
Later sort through them
Then tidy up the area you are organizing
Latesly put stuff in it's place

Ga L E.
Instead of telling yourself that you have to pick up/tidy up a whole entire room, just tell yourself that that will tidy up some somethings around the house/room for five or ten minutes. Sometimes, you will get in the groove, and pick up for longer than you planned(which is a good thing), but even if you don’t go longer than planned, at least you have done a little tidying up(which is also good).

Madison Q.
Put on some music and really look around to see what un-tidy spot annoys you the most (visually) and go clean/tidy up that spot first. Then choose some other mess that visually annoys you. And then you won’t notice how quick you’ll be)

Tanya Z.
Every time you enter a room in your house, pick up one thing that is not in it’s place and put it in it’s right place. Also, all your belongings should have their place (a tip from Marie Kondo which I recommend reading)

Ingka R.
– Join a Facebook group and do “clean up bingos” together
– break up your cleaning into small areas (e.g. a table)and start making it a habit to keep just that small area neat. Add more areas when you feel you have mastered the first one.
– do 4 things daily: 1) dress bed, 2) do dishes, 3) sweep, hoover or wash a floor, 4) sort one load of laundry and wash or hang to dry or fold and put away.
As long as you manage that your household stays manageable and won’t accumulate to disheartening amounts of work.
– join The Fly Lady or Marie Kondo
– reduce the number of items you possess to have less work and retain better overview
– invest in good storage systems to simplify keeping your place neat.

Janne T.
Hi! A lot of times im to tired to tidy up. It helps when im asking myself to do just one tiny thin: like making my bed or fold a few clothes. I can feel nice afterwards instead of feeling lazy. A lot of times im in some kind of flow after doing that one tiny thing and I can go on for a longer period of time 🙂

Chloe P.
Motivate yourself, always try, don’t let laziness get in the way of life. Put on some music you like, grab a trash bag and get cleaning 🧹!!

Maria P.
I decide on a time to clean up, let’s say half an hour. Then I try to stay focused on doing only that. What I get done I get done. It works better for me, then saying “I will clean this room until it’s done.”

Heidi C.
I used to lazy to tidy up too. But
when I got tidy up my room,It makes me so fresh and get more productivity. Then I always try to tidy up. Trust me. Just try one time and feel how you will get.

Mattie X.
Me too! I’ve found that setting a habit on the checklist to tidy up for 2 minutes is easy and I find that in 2 minutes if I pick the obvious things in front of me it makes a difference. I’ll move up to 3 minutes then 4 etc. and I’m doing it bc I like it better afterwards not bc I “should”

Hugh S.
Think To yourself is a good for me? Will it help me to do better? Just have to find a certain motivation whether its big or small and exaggerate it into your imagination to become "not lazy". Also self discipline

Claire N.
1.Put in some actieve music you love.
2.put in headphones , and listen to a audible book while you are cleaning.
3.Invite a friend, you don’t want to show them your mess, do you?
4.Your house is mirroring your innerworld.. you dont want to be a mess, in or outside of yourself richt?

Nicklas Z.
I am busy distracting myself from the important tasks that I don’t want to do and feel like when I get to it, I’ll need it.

Regan O.
Open your blinds, brighten up the room, turn on some good music that will motivate you to complete this task, and if you have any time of candle or diffuse light those. All of these will better your mood and give you the energy and mindset to finish your task