I organized my room but still have things with no where to go. What else should I do to help keep things clean.

Matthew I.
While you’ve organized your room, always make sure that you are putting aside things you don’t want. For things you don’t have space for, you can always try to make a little altar but I guess it depends on the items it is, sometimes I leave things in the corner or if you always use the items you can also put them in a DIY cabinet
Bruna T.
if you decide you still really want to keep this things, try sorting them into piles of what they are and storing them with similar items – or if they aren't similar items a container tucked away is a good temporary suggestion until you have a better idea. if you don't want to keep the items, charity bags are great! then of course there's the old attic/basement if you have one 😉
Berardo P.
It’s nice to try and declutter things that have no use to you. If you don’t need it then you can give it away or throw it away. If it is important
Steffen S.
When I am tidying my room, I see it as an opportunity to change things up a bit; keep it interesting. Whether that be a change in decoration or hauling around furniture. However, sometimes I’m stuck in the same situation where I still have things that don’t have a spot. There are usually two ways I tackle this:
1. I find a place where similar items are kept and see if it would make sense for me to put it there
2. Reflect on some of the items I don’t need, in hopes it empties a place for this thing of more value.
I’m relatively minimalistic, so I’m not entirely sure if this will help, but I wish you all luck on your decluttering journey 🙂
L Rke W.
If there are things with no where to go, it means that these things are not required at all. They just take a place in the room and disturb your mind. Give them to people who needs them for sure. You have to have such amout of things that they have their own place. If there are no space for new thing, it is time to get rid of old things.
Domenico F.
Everything you have not used or has been packed for over a year I suggest to either sell, donate o throw it away. Try not to be nostalgic over material things, your house is your sacred space so keep only what you absolutely love. One last thing think twice while you are shopping stuff for the house.
Isabella N.
I suggest you put thing neatly in a space you no longer use or need that way the place will look clean and when you need some of those stuff you put away you know where to find them