I don’t want to throw away old clothes to then buy new ones, how do I throw away responsibly?

Emma P.
In Iceland where I live we have these amazing stores in the malls with cloths that are in perfect condition and you rent a spot there for some money and I've done it twice and paid off in so much growth. I think this is the perfect opportunity to sell my clothes that I never use but are in a great condition.
We also have clothes boxes around the towns to put in old clothes for goodwill like the Redcross ect.

Kayleigh F.
You can try altering old clothes instead. I dyed a stained dress black and now it is my favourite piece. You could also turn your old clothes into rags for cleaning. You can compost natural fibre clothes too. Or rip them up and make a rag rug. Re-use keeps things out of landfills. Also, maybe there is a women’s shelter or community operation that accepts clothes. Some organizations will even come pick up your clothes donations (diabetes Canada does this). Hope this gives you some ideas ☺️

Vanessa F.
If your clothes are in good shape you can probably donate them or even resell them. Places like Goodwill or shine churches may accept your gently used clothing. If you do resell them, be sure to mention every single tear, loose thread or stain, especially if you are selling online.
If you are on the creative side you can even cut them up to make Blankets out out them to resell.
However if your clothes are essentially a lost cause and you know it won't be accepted anywhere then take your clothes to a waste facility that burns your waste and converts it into electricity that way your clothes don't end up sitting in a landfill somewhere.

Oyidzire Y.
CHARITY SHOPS! I cannot say this enough. Or to a donation box. With charity shops you get money in return and with donation boxes, a happy moment knowing that you're giving away your clothes to someone who needs them. Oftentimes I give my clothes (both new and old in mint condition) to my family and frkends☺

Susannah U.
Throw away clothes that are passed their best and unfixable, that don't suit you, that don't flatter you and that don't fit you

Tomicia R.
I would see if what's old is still of good quality, no holes or things like that and make a capsule wardrobe out of must haves. Then I would see which ones I could give to friends or relatives, of what's left I would donate. Things that were beyond saving I wouldn't donate I'd just discard those. Hope that helps. Good luck on your journey

Molly F.
Give away old clothes! Homeless shelters and even the goodwill! Also, I find it helpful to get rid of one or teoold things for any new thing I buy, which helps me think before just buying stuff