Any good ways to stay on top of laundry?

Echo W.
Do dishes after every meal or at least everyday. Paper plates are a huge help. Same with laundry, do a load everyday. As soon as it is dry, fold it and put it away. Easier said than done. Be patient and hang in there. You are doing good.

Yazmin F.
Make it a goal to do 1 load a day. Or you can load up the washer but not press start until the next morning when you get up. That way it's done by the time u are done getting ready for the day and all you need to do is put it in the dryer. You could also put a load in while you tackle another task. I personally load up the washer while I workout so by the time I'm done I can load to the dryer. Or have it run while I vacuum the entire house and so on.

Oliver U.
I fall back into bad habits with laundry the most often, but one way I've found to stay on top of laundry is to not let it get overwhelming. I do small loads that are manageable to iron and put away within a couple episodes of a show I like to watch. Doing laundry while listening to something I enjoy helps the task go faster, and then you feel better for getting somwthing done! Even if it's just a small amount. Because of this I do laundry two or three times a week.

Leah C.
Make a note to do laundry. If you get bored doing laundry I would say play you favorite music while doing it to keep you motivated.