My closet has become my n junk room due to lack of space what to do? I don’t have a utility either so any miscellaneous items go in there leaving it useless to hang clothes

Hans Friedrich N.
I think it's best if you'd start piroritizing and organizing your clothes to see what you really wear from the ones you just like.

You can start by first finding out you clothing style or aestethic. Then you go to your closet and dump everything to the floor and piling them up in 3 groups. Keep, donate, throw away. Then you check the keep file and find out which ones you shoud wash and then you just fold the other clothes back in place.

If you see that your closet is spacious then you would only use it for clothes so you wont be tempted to put other stuff in there.

Good luck!

Julia O.
Find yourself some boxes of different sizes. Show boxes and small car board boxes are perfect for this. Sort theough all of your stuff and throw away any trash. Then put all of your stuff into different categories like arts and crafts stuff make up stuff etc and put it into different boxes. You ca then put the boxes in paces like under your bed and in top of your closet. If you want you can even label decorate them 🙂

Felecia U.
Looking at huge pile of things may make one think its difficult to organize them. The best way is to take some time out every day, say 15 minutes and take out some of those things from the closet and sort it out according to its color, similar items and other categories. This way we may find items we don't require as well and we can sell them or donate it. This way the pile will minimize and more space in closet. More ideas can be found on internet for organizing a closet, its fun to explore for a good purpose 😊. More space means your clothes can be hanged neatly as well.