what items had you been holding onto, but in reality it was better to just toss them or donate them?

L Andre Z.
I feel I want to write in my journey the truths I’m hearing , reflection of them/how I’m Working on them ! Even If i have heard a thought before, to think about /some more; seeing how I can understand even better stepping forward! I also keep handy those things I am working on , so I can be reminded daily, what I have been learning; even perhaps different times in my day ,to see these truths, in life before me/ capturing them even better!

Miljana Z.
Too many magazines, food recipes that I never made (and never will), old shoes, clothes I NEVER wear (donated 6 big bags of those), kitchen gadgets…

Ana Q.
Clothes, lots of clothes. Also, some cute boxes of PC parts that I bought… They're just really shiny and beautiful, and a reminder of the PC I built by myself.

Jaime G.
Clothes. I have too many clothes and no space to put them, they end up all over my floor and crumpled in wash bins. Makes me feel cluttered and I don't need them. Someone else needs them more than I do.