Any tips on what to do when you have no motivation to clean or tidy up?

Ethan A.
Tell yourself something to motivate you, usually I remind myself that when I start getting lazy and skipping stuff, that you end up quitting your goals completely.
Violette Q.
When you have no motivation, get up, drink some water, put some music on as loudly as possible and just start grooving while picking up your stuff. When I am done cleaning my entire room I feel much more relaxed and I reward myself by lighting a candle as the finishing touch. The feeling is the best, and you’ll never want a messy room again.
April E.
My motivation is that I’m grateful for my house and that it keeps my family safe, along with so many great memories added everyday… so in turn I want to keep it looking nice. It’s like “thanking your home” for all it does for you. 😉
Agathe O.
Think about how I feel when It is clean and clear. The sense of calm and openness that an orderly space provides. The sense of new possibilites and opportunities for creation.
Essra Z.
In this case, you can try the following:
1- Turn on your favorite music Playlist
2- Stand in front of something you like a lot (example makeup, dishes, accessories )
3- Think about why do you love the item you have chosen
4- And without you realizing, you would start cleaning and tidying up

Let me know if it works for you

Have a wonderful day

Elizabeth Z.
I commit to 5 minutes, set a timer, and I pick one spot. This prevents being distracted if there is more than one trouble spot and two let’s you see what an impact you can have in a short period of time. I usually find if the 5 minutes isn’t enough to finish the area I’m working on I feel motivated to work a little longer to finish it. Sometimes I feel so good about the one clean spot I clean more places.
Rebecca Y.
I find that there are a few options that work for me.

Firstly, I try and stay on top of of housework throughout the week so things don't build up in the first place. By having a daily schedule of a room per day and then the associated laundry to that room every other day its hard to get behind.

Secondly, if things have slipped I find setting a timer or playing 3x of my favourite tracks can be good motivation. I do as much as I can for the alloted time and then reward myself with a cup of tea and 10 mins scrolling on Instagram!

And thirdly, get the rest of your household involved! I live with my husband and he is great at scrubbing the tiles in the bathroom (a job I hate)! By sharing the load you'll find you'll be done in mins rather than hours!

Savalavaloy N.
Consider how much worse it will get when you leave it. You're tired now, but you'll be more tired later and there will be even more mess to clean.
Gaud Ncia N.
Start small. Tidy away a pen, make it neat. Then tidy up the paper on your desk. Getting bigger! Then neaten up the things under your desk. Give your desk a wipe down! Then clean up one thing from the side of your desk. And hey presto! You're already stood up and ready to clean up whatever else you have to do. Starting is the hardest part. And remember, even if its not perfectly tidy, every little helps, you can do a bit more tomorrow, and the day after 🙂