What is your best tidying tip?

Sophie P.
Do it in layers/ steps. For example 1 . Pick items off floor
2. Put items in appropriate places trash in bin laundry in basket etc.
3. Hoover floor
4. Clean surfaces
5. Make bed
6. Use air freshener and open windows

Magnolia N.
I LOVE MAKING SURE EVERYTHING IS NEAT AND PERFECT. so when I start tidying up my room for example, I’ll focus on one part of the room. Like the bed. I’ll chuck everything off the bed and firstly straighten the sheets. Then I move onto placing the pillows near the head of the bed. After that I flatten out the duvet and if there are extra blankets place that on top. When the bed is done, I move onto picking up all of the rubbish around the room. Then I put all the dirty clothes in the laundry basket and end off with vacuuming. So basically, focus on one thing, complete it fully, and then move on.