When you tidy up your wardrobe what do you do? How often do you tidy up your clothes?

Frank U.
I haven't tidy my clothes up for a long time so thanks for the idea! But when i'm tidyiymy clothes i usually also listen to music

Daniel A.
I tend to tidy my wardrobe when the seasons change. I both rotate the clothes around to make pieces that are most commonly used more accessible and go through the process of tossing and donating things I no longer want. I also really enjoy color coding, so I no only put like clothes together I put them in order by color and hues. By the time I am done it looks good and I feel good 🙂

Belinda Z.
I love sorting through my clothes. The first thing I do is put away all the clothes that are out of season. When I see them again it’s like a shopping spree deciding what to keep and what to donate. I keep something if I love the color, if it is a classic or still in style. I try to wear all my clothes even if they are sometimes a little fancy. I arrange my clothes and my accessories by color and type, so all my white shirts are hanging together, for example. I store tee shirts and sweaters in easy to access bins on a shelf. The most important thing is to make your clothes work for you, not you working for your clothes.

Shelley U.
I do it seasonably. But I keep a few of the past season and coming season in a far corner of my closet jic. A friend of mine actually has hers color coded, but I haven’t achieved that yet. She wears a lot of certain colors during certain times of seasons.

Nicky O.
Donate anything I haven’t worn for months to charity. Organise by colour and type. Fold everything so it’s easy to see what’s there.