How do you stay motivated to tidy when you’re in a funk?

Jonas A.
The timer really helps. Knowing that it only lasts for 10 minutes helps take out the overwhelming feeling that the tidying will never end.
Michele S.
I break it into a small task for a limited time. Sometimes I feel motivated to keep working when time is up, so I do. Big I still am not feeling it though, I have permission to stop and be content with what I have done.
Francisco Q.
Wake up early and have a good breakfast with proteins and low or no carbs. Fruits are also a good addition. You need to drink lots of water. Play your favorite music in the background, if that motivates you. I like doing the above personally because it will stop me from taking breaks to eat or nap. When you’re in clean-up mode you have to force your mind and say NO to any other plans. Cleaning is your main focus. You will feel so good after it’s all done. There’s always that weird sensation at the end, you just stare at the newly organized space like it’s some masterpiece. Well it is! It’s your hard work and all that moving around counts as exercise. So, recap: wake up early, eat energy filling foods, setup an atmosphere, lots of water, no distractions, and get to work! (:
Friedbert J.
I use self talk during it and I take breaks as needed. I don’t allow my self
To work myself to death but I remind myself when I am sitting too long that I am almost finished and I need to finish.
Wojciech U.
I remind myself that our environment affects all aspects of our lives. I know I will feel and function better when it's done so I find a way to push through it.
Davide W.
some times the best way to do everything is one task a day. So say you need to clean the bathroom(s) one day, Hoover the whole house the next day, mop downstairs the next. Because if you do too much and dont really get much done coz you half done everything in one day, you tire yourself out. So one day at a time is key to tidying. Good luck, hope it works 🙂
Elisah E.
I remind myself that little steps still add up. I tidy up for 10 minutes and see the nice results and then realize if this becomes a habit I'll soon have a tidy house all the time.
Darryl Y.
Accept that you’re in a funk. Do one thing. Make someone congratulate you overwhelmingly for the tiny task you completed! Pick up a sock, put it in the hamper. Glow about it. That’s it. Tomorrow do the same. If you need a power boost invite someone over for dinner/coffee, and clean the house in preparation. The external motivator is a good substitute when your intrinsic motivation isn’t there!!!!
Reginald X.
It’s okay to give yourself grace. You don’t have to tidy up, it’s an opportunity you have to create space to be able to create/rest/ relax later. You get to tidy up because you got to enjoy your day. Who knows what tomorrow might bring. Little habits today will help you with bigger ones in the future.
Rosil Q.
In all honesty, when I walk past, let's say, the kitchen, and it's cluttered with dishes and rubbish, I feel horrible. It makes it look uncared for which is the opposite of what I want it look like. So, in order to give it that "I look after my house" look, I take 5 minutes out of my day to clean up. Leading on from that, once a week/fortnight, I will clean the house top to bottom to make sure the house looks cared for. Because of that same reason!