How in the world can I keep white floor tile clean?

Boss N.
By changing the color of the tile. Otherwise keeping the tile clean might be a perspective of time. Over the course of time how often do you want to clean the floor? If it’s not everyday, then maybe change the color. If it is everyday, then the answer probably is to clean it everyday and understand that it can’t be clean forever
Melissa Y.
I think that you need to be wary of what goes on your tiles, such as marks/stains and water (as it could rust some things). There is also stain removal sprays and disinfectant sprays that could apply on your floor daily or weekly. I think that you should really focus on cleaning your tiles regularly. Hope this helped 🙂
Nor Cal M.
Staying on top of it. Spend the time to do one thorough cleaning and then use something convenient like a swiffer wet jet to clean it regularly (at least weekly). It shouldn’t take more than a few minutes.
Kristin O.
Very hot soapy water, do a base coat of entire floor, afterwards use a baking soda and vinegar on grout and problem areas, work into tile with a non-abrasive scouring pad, wash entire floor once more. Got over any spots that stand out with a magic eraser and wipe with a cloth. Now that's left is maintaining to clean state of the tile