What do you tell yourself positively if you didn’t clean during the day?

Same A.
I tell myself it's a priority anything happen on the road and the home is the first place people carry you so always make sure it's clean incase of an accident!
Sarah E.
If I don't feel able to clean then I rest for the day but make sure I do the little things like washing up. I've also got a robot vac so thats a lazy way of staying on top!
Nikolaj P.
I will definately make up for it and continue being good to myself. This is my love portion to me. You are doing great Ntando and I know you will honour yourself
Jacque F.
I am cleaning this morning. I hired a carpet cleaning service! This will inspire me to do a thorough fall cleaning from top to bottom in my home!
Priscille P.
To honest when I don't clean up during the day I tell myself negative things about my organisation skills and time management. But to get it done , I break them into small pieces. I tell myself to just clean the table 1st and then the floor until a room is done and I praise myself for doing it although I fell bad about not doing it all. I appreciate the small progress and I am happy I recognised I had something to do and didn't do it them took action to start. That is how it is working g for me