Yes.. if I’m a messy person, what’s my key step to living in more order.?

Jason F.
The end goal should be a continuous state of cleaning. It takes a while to build to that point but you can start by tidying just one thing when you leave a room until tidying becomes a habit.
Oscar P.
If you are messy, then the method you have of ordering your space isn't suited to you. Try to slowly adapt your space to the way you want to live within it rather than adapting your lifestyle to the way you want your space to look. Maybe you've seen those organisation blogs and videos and you tried to duplicate it in your own space. The truth is that all those jars and containers they advertise take up a lot of room and aren't practical. Look at how it is that you make a mess. For example, I know that rather than opening the closet and hanging my jacket, I tend to throw it onto the couch or the back of a chair. Now I have hooks on the wall where I just throw it. That's just one example. What about everything else? Well, most people have too much stuff. Absolutely useless stuff. Ceramic statues gifted by your aunt or outdated globes or boardgames you can't remember the last time you played. Without becoming a minimalist, there is a lot of stuff in tour home that is probably taking up room and getting in the way when you are trying to find particular items that actually are useful to you. Getting rid of the extra stuff in your home automatically menas that there is less of a mess that you can make.
Kelya Z.
I myself am a messy person too and personally to get my living in order I decide what needs to be done and I do it. Leave the tgings that dont need to ve done to after such as I will tidy my room before reading a book.
Hans W.
I look at organising more as a creative challenge than a dull 30 minutes picking up what I’ve thrown onto the floor. It’s a chance to put things away in a way that reflects you and the house/room you live in. Think about how you want your busy mornings to go and where you would pull things you need from, and reorganise and tidy from there!