Any tips for keeping a clean desk area?

Savannah J.
Well I am not the best example really…but I try my best, and that is what should be congratulated, small steps. If it seems messy try moving thing a little, putting small object in boxes-therefore organising them. Pick up your objects, put them on your floor or bed and clean your desk, then put them back. Look at your desk and those things that you arent gonna use momentarily…pick them up and store them. Therfore, your desk won't be cluttered with things that shouldnt really be there.
Harper Z.
Honestly, throughout my week I have a hard time doing so. But I make sure I take time on Fridays to clean my whole desk area so it’s nice for Monday. But one tip could be to keep the things on your desk minimal so it’s less of a hassle. Also, to invest in some organizers (like for files, pencils, pens, etc.) so that everything has a place and it’s easier to keep everything organized. Maybe even invest in a mini trash bin to throw small papers and wrappers away throughout the week if that’s another battle.
Corinna Y.
First and foremost, before starting each day of activities whether it's work or study I remember to clean and organize my desk and environment to have the best start possible.
Jamal X.
One thing I recommend is trying to organize it in a way that you like. If you like to color code things, organize the things on your desk in a color code fashion. Make sure you also have thing that bring you joy. These things can be a bowl of candy or a character from your favorite movie/show/anime or even a plant! Just make sure it's something you enjoy. This will make you want to come back to your desk. It'll make working less painful. This is usually what I do.