What is most challenging for you to clean?

Adelindo S.
Every part of my house is challenging when it comes to cleaning. My family have ADD and ADHD. For them having things where they can visually see them is preferred to my OCD need to have things put away neatly. Obviously, this causes a fair amount of conflict and I have had to learn to let go of some of my cleaning obsession. So long as the kitchen and bathrooms are in reasonable condition, I can live with it. Letting go has been a difficult lesson for me but has also taught me to look at how my family relates to their environment.

Gertrude Y.
My art studio. Well, for an artist, sometimes having a zone for contained chaos is a good thing where work can be created. I end up spending most of my time tidying or organizing or cleaning surfaces and the like in my studio and feel I get any art work of value completed- or barely started. It’s the most difficult to maintain. If too many projects overlap I end up freezing on all of them. Usually with teaching, cleaning and making my art ends up being a lower priority. I think my first priority – which has been my job- always seems to sap all my energy and leave me with little energy to do my work. And then I have cycles of depression and self-hate because I don’t feel I’m making the most use of my talents or living up to my potential and feeling more limited which is the opposite of how I feel I’m supposed to be doing if I was better at studying and applying the lessons my religion teaches me to do and I don’t study and practice healing enough.