How do you prioritize what to tidy in the set time limit?

Leshy Z.
I think what is the more important things or more necessary nd i do them first. What should I be spending my time , energy on.
Мария Костина N.
I have a special digital application, e.g. TODY, but there are a lot of similar others, where I have a day-to-day schedule. For each day I have a different scope of housekeeping issues. All you need is a plan for each day of the week. For instance, you can focus on different room depending on the day of the week. Monday – clean the living room, on Tuesday – kitchen, on Wednesday – bedroom, Thursday for bathroom, Friday – for corridor, balcony, pantry and other part of the house. Saturday is for speedy hour cleaning, washing the clothes, planning the menu for the whole week and cooking. If you have forces – great, you can do more, but if not – just follow your plan for the day. But you need to have at least one day for the rest (hobby, family etc.), e.g., on Sunday.