What is your least favourite part of cleaning and how do you make yourself do it?

Resi S.
I find ways to make my cleaning fun. So, for example, when I was dishes, I also listen to my favourite podcast or audio book!
Elena O.
Actually i don't have a least favourite part cause i really enjoy cleaning well i dont like cleaning much when there is a lot of stuff crunched up together
Savni F.
I fill very confort when I clean my room or my entire house it gibes fresh vibes and positive energy I will always keep my surrounding very clean
Vilma Q.
Well I play some music while I'm cleaning and my mind makes me clean for longer periods of time.when I need to relax I clean and it really helps by going into the area I cleaned and being proud. I hope this answered your question!
P I C S Q.
Um…. I don't have any favourite part in cleaning cause I hate it but music is the solution! Listening to music while cleaning will give you energy to complete your cleaning 😉 good luck !