How do you deal with pet smells?

Diana A.
Right now I don't have pets but I know one person that does which is my roommate. From her experience, to get rid of the pet smell, she would give her cat a bath but not very often for the health of the cat's skin. Also, if the cat say wants to lay on furniture, then a spare blanket is put on the to prevent the smell from getting into the fabric of the furniture. Also, she keeps the litter box clean everyday. As for dogs pretty much the same thing except you don't have to worry about them going to the bathroom in the house since they just go to the bathroom outside. There is also some baking soda that can be used to get rid of pet smells as well. Also if your allergic to the pet smell like me then you get some off-the-shelf allergy medication and take them once a day. I hope this explains your question. c :