How much clothes are too many. I love my clothes, but my closet is packed.

Sandra T.
If your closet is packed, then these are too many cloths. If you can't keep your closet organized, also thede are too many cloths. And if you have a variety of cloths but still, you wear few of them, these are also too much cloths. You my love every piece of your cloths, but you are just storing most of them in your closet, unable to wear them all or keep them organized. I advise you to rethink about every cloth you have, thode which you don't wear very often or you don't wear at all, donate them or sell them. Be a minimalist.
Siegfried R.
I need enough space in my wardrobe & drawers to see what I have. Ideally, you should love and/or use it all. It’s worth editing out things that haven’t fitted for 24+ months. Don’t forget to pass on, gift to charity shops UK) or goodwill or to sell on rather than send to landfill!
Hermit Rio Q.
I have a problem when it comes to clothes. One of my New Years resolutions is to cut down on clutter, and for me, that’s all my clothes. I normally 2-3 time’s a year try to go through my wardrobe, take each item piece by piece and ask myself; “is it practical?”, “Do I love it?” and most importantly “Will you actually wear this?”. These questions help me minimise on those clothes that I don’t actually need and the ones I want to keep I can either store away or keep in my wardrobe. The most important thing to remember is that most clothes can be replaced or a suitable alternative found if you do throw away something you miss. Charity shops are also a great way to give back to the community!
Maureen Z.
I gauge clothing by how long it's been in my closet and not used first. Then place them into piles of types of clothing (shirts, pants, sweaters, shorts….) seasons. I literally have all 4 seasons into half a closet, no shelves of folded sweaters. Ask yourself how many changes of clothing thing do you need? Do you have 3 pairs of pants that are almost the same? You really only need one at most 2. It's hard to state a number. First decide on what space you designate for your clothing, put everything in one pile and start dividing and decluttering.
Josephine Z.
I believe that the clothes you love and wear everyday are necessary. But there are clothes that you love that are not worn everyday. It’s good to have things that you love to make you feel good about yourself, but there should be a limit. If the closet is too packed there is probably some things that you love but are not necessary or as important. It’s causing more of an issue to have those clothes, so sometimes you have to let go of those things no matter how much you love them.
Isaiah J.
There’s no set number on clothing; rather, view it by what you do and don’t wear. I do a deep closet clean at the end of each year – and my golden rule is if it STILL has the price tag and it wasn’t a recent purchase, toss it into the donation pile. Same with the clothes you hardly wear; or even wear too often! If something wasn’t worn in the past few months, chances are you aren’t ever going to wear it. As Marie Kondo says – keep what sparks joy! Donating unused items is not only good for the environment by recycling clothing, but it clears your clutter AND gives someone else the chance to rock that shirt you thought had been so fabulous many moons ago.
Silke C.
You should have a variety of clothes, but too many will mean your closet is packed,you should go through your items and discard or give to charity all the clothes that you dont wear or those whic are damaged or no longer fit you
Isolino P.
It depends if you are a lady we tend to have alot of clothes but keep them to the ones you can wear.If you look at the clothes and you cant wear then for one reason or another then give it away or get it out of the closet.For men they keep closets lean most times