What are your favorite organization habits?

Clara E.
Currently, my favorite habit is to just get it done. To add to that, to get it done sooner than later. I’m realizing the tasks that I tell myself I’ll come back to, end up taking longer than they would have had I just done them in the first place.

Besides that, I like to look up pictures or watch videos of the particular space I plan to organize so I can have some inspiration, but also a sort of game plan going into the project.

Nadeen R.
Plan your day the day before.. read your plans before your sleep and as soon as you wake up so you can be able to commit to your plans.. and if there was an important even or task, use a reminder/ an alarm two hours before the even so you can remember.
Eva N.
One of my favorite habits are when I get to drink water because it reminds me that I have to get hydrated.Another habit that I really like is to have a healthy breakfast because I want to stay healthy and it reminds me too