What techniques have worked for you to have a family friendly home yet still a clean home

Jason U.
I do the touch it once method. You only touch it once in a sense. While I'm cooking my food I empty the dish washer so as i finish with the tools or pans I used for the meal they get rinsed and put right in the dish washer. I sweep and mop the floor as well. Especially if I make something that has a timer. Durning the timer I sweep and clean up around the house. My google nest hub really helps me stay on track. I can just tell it to resume my show or podcast to set a timer. Its very useful.
Brooklyn P.
What techniques I would do to make a home family friendly and clean is clean one part of your house per day and don’t have any dangerous or hazardous items lying around
Kyra T.
Hmm…well I try and organize as much as I can. That way people can remember where everything goes. My family has found it useful as well, now they know where all of their things are as well as mine!