When does other people like to clean?

Louka Q.
I like to clean before I prepare dinner and eat. I started to do it after the kids go to bed, but I am tired when I do that.
Elcee N.
I typically have more energy and focus in the early part of the day but I have found that small increments all day long bring about the same results as cleaning hard for an hour or two. Four instance, while my microwave is heating up my coffee for a minute I emptied the dishwasher or clean the kitchen counter, or stove top. I either look at it as a spiritual practice or a game for myself to see how much I can accomplish in just one minute
Marita X.
I believe that people like to clean when they need to clear their mind and need to have a clean space. They could also clean when they feel like their room is messy and needs to be cleaned or when they have work and want to have clear space.
William Y.
I rarely like to clean, but have built in some regular habits to try to make sure it gets done. Every Saturday morning, I write a " to do" list for the weekend (when I have more time) to do weekly things like cleaning bathrooms, vacuuming, etc. I'm not usually a big list person but I do take some satisfaction in checking off the items when they're done. It also makes me aware of just how much I do accomplish. I've started breaking things down into smaller steps as well. Instead of just "clean bathroom", one item will be "clean bathroom mirror". Then if I don't have time to do the whole room at once, I can chip away at small pieces and feel a sense of satisfaction instead of feeling overwhelmed or disappointed. My next step is to try to move some of the regular weekly tasks away from the weekend, so that I can have more leisure time on my weekends!
Michelle O.
I find weekends are the only time I can get a good deep clean done, I’m pretty busy during the week. But my favourite is getting the kitchen cleaned completely so when I wake up it looks fabulous! And I’m not stressed about it.