How can you organise your bedroom neatly?

Ain Z.
I fix my bed before sleep and after sleep immediately. If there are any inappropriate things on my bed, I take them to their place
Patty Y.
I would say, remove all disposable stuff first, like plastic bottles and stuff. Then, declutter everything that's on top of your furniture, like your bed, night stand, desk etc. Make sure everything you keep gets their own place and make sure it stays there or gets back there after use. Change your bed sheets, after that you can vacuum and remove dusk with a dry cloth. At last, mop the floor and wipe off dust on the furniture with a damp cloth or wet wipe. Spray some room parfume, light a scented candle and there you are! 🙂
Addison S.
Well , put on motivational music that you love , organise it as YOU would like to see as YOU want and don't be lazy because in the end you'll be proud of yourself
Daisy O.
I can organize my bedroom neatly by sweeping the floor fixing my bed cleaning the windows and fixing my desk to make a good environment.