Any good tips on clothing organization?

Eileen C.
I hang my tops up in colour order and then fold my bottoms and put them in a drawer except for my pyjamas which go in a separate drawer
Cetin E.
When your clothes are fresh from the dryer/washing lines, fold them immediately and then group them according to their type. Long sleeve tops together, sweatpants together, etc.
Then take those piles and organise them by usage, the ones you use least at the bottom of each pile and the ones you use most on top.
Once this is all done, pack your clothing away, again organising by type. Tops have their own space and bottoms also have their own space, separate from one another.
Quentin T.
I fold everything and I have little dividers in my drawers and in my closet I have all the stuff I wear regularly on one side and the stuff I don't wear much on the other side so it's easy to get to
Bonnie X.
I like to have a draw for jeans shorts T-shirt’s and fitness and then I hang up items such as jumpsuits dresses and coats. I’m not too bothered about colour schemes as long as everything is in a place that I can get it