What you can do to make yourself more patient?

Jay F.
I need to better analyzed my thought pattern. I’ve caught myself thinking negative and haven’t been able to stop it and also I’ve had a few subconscious moments that were negative that I didn’t even notice. I definitely need to pay more attention to this thoughts and better learn how to control them and turn them into more positive thoughts. These thoughts create an atmosphere of no peace for me and I have to release these ideas in my head that I have exaggerated. I will work in this daily hour by hour and minute by minute m. I can’t allow this to continue to control my life. I deserve a better me and a more loving me and so does my partner.
Shada Z.
Lower expectations when it comes to children, they are little adults with their own feelings and problems and can't always express how they feel. Taking time to put yourself in their shoes and asking yourself how you would feel as a child helps you understand why they ain't doing what u need.
Martin Y.
I can meditate, I can workout especially when I'm feeling anxious, that way my energy can be channeled into something else and I will be left feeling less anxious.
I can plan ahead, follow up a schedule or a routine, do the necessary and important tasks when I'm at my highest energy levels.
And most of all I can be more realistic and rational and think of the situations with a clear mind instead of a mind that is filled with anxiety and paranoia or obsessive thoughts.