How do you clean with a busy schedule and a long list of things to do.. I get so overwhelmed at times.. too much to do and not enough time to get it all done

Gulsum X.
I usually just let it go but if I can’t then I slowly think what I wouldn’t need in my schedule today and what I could just not do today and then I’ll do the work then if I do it quick I can do it no matter.
Maria W.
i set a schedule of doing it right before i shower, even if it's just a little bit of cleaning, i set my 10 min timer then do it and end up getting more done than i think i can because i'm more focused on time and the music
Alessio C.
Start little by little, I did not learn to be clean in one day, I had a process, I cleaned up something yesterday and I’m keeping it clean by doing it (maybe) a little bit, not that much, and start on a new thing, you start to be organized and caring about your lifestyle and how you choose to keep it.
Tubare N.
I try to schedule bulk cleanings such as vacuuming the house or cleaning the bathroom. But I try to do little chores such as doing the dishes or the laundry more often not to get too messy. But on top of all this I try to hire a cleaning lady once a week or so if my budget allows. That way not only my house becomes super clean, but also I buy time for my self and have a peace of mind
Clara Z.
So what's works for me are my 'To Do Lists'. I have multiple lists for different things. For cleaning/housework, I usually make 2 lists. One long list with everything I WANT to get cleaned and organized. Then the second list is my realistic cleaning goal for the day. Even if its only.."*empty dishwasher,* load dishwasher, *make my bed." Even if that's all I can do that day for whatever reason, if feels so good to accomplish a goal and to check off an item on my list! I also sleep better at night knowing I took care of things, instead of going to bed feeling like "I have so much to do tomorrow!".. And every time I complete a To Do List, no matter how long or short it is, it not only makes me feel good and relieves stress. The accomplishment also makes me feel driven to want to do more! So each day, I write up a new To Do List by picking out a few items from my (first) larger list. Then I keep going with this everyday. Its a HUGE help and has made me a happier person! 🙂 You should try it! Make adjustments that work for u. Good luck!
In S I.
Define the priorities first thing in the morning. Best way is to put monetary value on each task
If necessary block times on Google calender to clean
Signe Z.
I open a music that I love and usually a playlist actually then challenge myself to finish it before the playlist ends.It feels like a challenge also fun with the music just like a video game.
Gabriela G.
When I take a break from all the stuff I have to do I clean a bit, so it's step by step and I still manage to do everything