How do you stay motivated to clean?

Malthe C.
Cleaning must be a daily habit so dirt, dishes and such don't pile up. I take 5-10 minutes every day to clean. Put on a podcast or music, and tidy up. If there isn't mich to tidy up, then vacuum the floor, or wash your clothes, or clean the windows or mirrors in your house. Just a little every day and over time you'll get used to the 10 minutes of cleaning and you'll do it automatically. Also, it's important to clean along the way. If you come home e.g. dont throw everything on the floor or couch but put everything on its place. It keeps your space cleaning for a longer time
Wayne X.
I'm usually just lazy. However, everytime my reminder goes off, I tell myself not to be lazy and if I want to improve myself I can't be lazy. Just some small pep talk to myself. I can be better if I want to do better.